Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight is everywhere....

            Twilight is everywhere...But here. So sad, yet still excited. At least Twilight may be shown when it's a holiday in the Philippines. There is an offchance that I will be able to see it and hopefully with my niece. I converted her into a Twilight addict. We're looking forward to the opening of SM City Rosales and hoping that we get to watch Twilight there. 
People everywhere are raving about it. Of course, there are a lot of expectations when you watch something you've already read. Reviews for the movie is also out. In case you want to read one, head on out to this site: Found Not Lost 
I liked her review but then there's another one, which I don't know if I should take into heart at : NY Times 
           So, like everyone else in my dingy little city, I will have to wait. But then, I'm biased so I don't think I can provide a fair review. I usually find every book I've read that is put into a movie better in the book. But then, I love it when it is placed in a movie because I get to see a clearer picture. I don't read and visualize how lines are delivered or how they look. I just feel the emotions. I don't obsess over the color of the hair, how they'd look, it's more of the characters and their representation. I read fast and I don't stop until I finish a book. I have a habit of rereading though especially if I liked certain parts. 
I'm currently rereading twilight, breaking dawn and reading Patricia Cornwell's The Body Farm. I forgot, I also am rereading The Host, also by Stephenie Meyer. 
             Here's a photo from the movie. Photo Credits to NY TIMES.
Edward looks human here.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Making a Paypal Donate Button

One of my friends has just gotten his paypal account verified. Teasingly, I said, he could now place a code on his blog about being bought a cup of coffee (no less than Starbucks, at that). Since I know he loves starbucks, I got tempted to create one for myself.
So, these are all for the bloggers who want to ask people to donate thru paypal.


To get one of your own...follow these instructions.
(I hope you understand my instructions.)

  1. Get a paypal account! It's so easy to sign up and it's free.
  2. Confirm your registration with paypal by checking your email and clicking the link provided
  3. Log in to your paypal account.
  4. Click on the merchant services tab.
  5. Look at the right side, look for KEY FEATURES, click on Donations
  6. Put a name in the organization name. Mine's Coffee Cup. No donation Id.
  7. Click on customize appearance.
  8. You can choose to have a small button, a big button, paypal donate with pictures of credit cards.
  9. If you want a different one from the default paypal button, you can make your own button, or image, just pick an image you want and upload it to an image sharing/storing site like photobucket, or imageshack 
  10. Copy the link. Note: COPY THE DIRECT LINK! the one that starts with http://   not the ones with html involved.
  11. Click choose your own image.
  12. Paste the direct link to the space provided.
  13. Save your button
  14. Create your button now!
  15. Copy the code
  16. For blogspot bloggers, go to add a gadget, choose html, and paste the code generated by paypal.
  17. That's it!
Tell me if this helps, or if I missed a step.


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