Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Return of Letters That I'll Never Send

Yep! It's back!

So for anyone who's new here:

What is Letters That I'll Never Send?

Letters That I'll Never Send is a weekly meme (every Thursday) where I, (Mys) your host picks out a topic for the week and you write a letter that corresponds with the topic or the person addressed to. I usually go crazy and tend to do different topics/themes/persons to address to.

Examples of Letters That I'll Never send entries are here, just click the links of Linky tools.

Themes for August

August 5: Write a letter to a Genie with your 3 wishes.
August 12: Write any letter in Tagalog (Filipino)
August 19: Dear Best Friend
August 26: Dear Dora the Explorer (Happy Birthday Dora)

Plus, we got new buttons.

Choose from these designs. Hope you like them.

TCP: Korean Dramas

I seriously have only 1 entry for this one and I have no other choice. I'm more into Taiwanese dramas. Perhaps, it is because of my first addiction to that Taiwanese drama which actually originated from a Japanese manga that I am here now and sharing what 1 Korean drama I've watched and begged the tv from my kids.

I'm betting you know this one. It's Boys Over Flowers. I did it so I could compare it with the other 2. Besides it being the most modern of all the versions, their affluence is so astonishing, and I think the actors are the youngest in the batch. It's also fun because that all 3, put in different aspects of their own culture.

Why 3? The first was a Taiwanese version(Meteor Garden 1 and Meteor Garden 2) with Jerry Yan, Vaness Wu, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu (did I spell it right?). The second was Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version) and the most recent is the Korean with the little boys. (Sorry, I feel so old.)

The Korean version put in some story lines that at least developed their characters more. I love the fact that the other characters were given enough scene time and story arcs. I don't need to tell you more. Tell me, I bet you liked it too. Which one's your recommended Korean drama? I might watch it. Just click the button above and share your post.

Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest!

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Trying my Luck


I wasn't able to join the first Las Vegas giveaway, so I'm trying my luck this time.

The prizes are:

Souvenirs or gift items from Las Vegas and what's more?
A total of 10 participants will get the chance to win the giveaway contest (7 participants for LV giveaways and 3 participants for $25, $15, and $10).

Isn't that great?

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Contest ends: August 27
Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking for Deals?

What do you do when you want to buy something online? I, for one, look for the best deal ever. I tend to compare prices by visiting famous sites like ebay and amazon for their prices and then scour many other sites just to see which one offers the best deal for my money. I love to do window shopping, well, in this case, browser shopping. I have a list of things that I want, things that I need and things that if I do have the spending money...things to splurge on and then there's my reality list of things that I must buy.

One thing I've learned is that when you want to buy stuff online, you'd have to know where to look for discounts, promos and online coupons! One of the sites I've found that provides all these to brands that I'm sure you know and like is It is a site that will provide you with a lot of savings.

I have been wanting to buy an HP scanner,printer,copier and fax machine in one, so I guess I'll be needing HP discount codes. But then I've also been dreaming of my own laptop or desktop so I can collect all the ebooks I want, do work that I think I should be doing anywhere, anytime. Perhaps even do better blogging and more blogging. I will have to save some money and look for more opportunities so I can go and use Savings Dell coupon codes. Well, I'm off to dream land and make my list longer. What's in your gadget wishlist?

Shopping for Shirts

It's going to be hubby's birthday next month. My usual gifts to him is a shirt. He's an instructor, so as much as possible I want him to not wear the same thing over and over again. He likes a lot of different kinds of shirts. During weekends, yes, he has work on Saturdays, he likes those shirts with round collars or v-necked ones. What he needs to wear though on a typical day is those that have collars, or most likely known as polo shirts.

I had my eyes set on couple or family shirts but then I think it would be best if I got him a custom tshirt, well not only him, but all of us. I think it would be fun, wearing matching shirts when we go out, at least on a special day and have our photos taken.

One thing I haven't bought him in a long time is a sports shirt. Maybe I should get him one of those, I have to ask what his favorite team is. We barely watch tv anymore since the kids hog the tv almost all the time. I could also check out Death by T-shirt and look for new and hip designs. Well, that's the great thing about shirts. The possibilities are endless. Making it more difficult to make a choice. Well, if I had the money to splurge, why not one of each kind. That would be so much fun and hubby would surely love it.
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GT: Me, Emotionally

It's been a while since I last joined Girls Talk. I guess I miss having girls talking to and with no LTINS to do yet. What better way to spend my Thursday here.

So let's talk emotions. From the basics that I am learning in my daughter's nursery class. Anger, Afraid, Surprised, Sad, and Happy. Well, it's been a tough road but I'm finally getting to be more happy, less sad, but a bit more angry (naughty, naughty kids.) It's such a different time when I was 18. Full of insecurities upon entering my relationship with hubby. You'd get furious and frustrated with me too while I was always insecure, sad and petty.

I have less insecurities or maybe my insecurities disappeared when I had my 2 kids. My perspective changed right then. I feel as if I'm in a healthier place right now, with more happiness. Do you see the commercial about the soup, where the mom asks, "How long will it take for you to make me happy?" and the kid happily replies," 1 second", then gives her mom a kiss. I feel that all the time when my kids hug and kiss me.

So, how are you? Emotionally, I mean. Wanna share? Join the conversation by clicking on the button above.
Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last year, My mom went to the U.S., she went on a tour with an old friend. One of the States they visited was Maryland. We have relatives there who is an aunt and an uncle. My uncle is currently employed but sadly my aunt got laid off. Being laid off, she is now considering putting up a business there instead.Nothing beats being your own boss, so she says. You work at your own time and you keep the profits yourself. She says, it is time to be passionate about something that she will set up from the ground up. She also knows that when it comes to business, you do not only need to be savvy, you have to be passionate, and that you would have to love what you are doing. She knows that with an economy that is unstable, when you decide to put up a business you would have to require the services of a business insurance company for people to trust you and for her, as an investor to protect her business and other assets invested in that business. Being in Maryland, she'd have to find a trustworthy MD business insurance provider. I suggested to her that she doesn't need to look far and wide, and as far as I know she should just go to Netquote small business insurance where any and all of her needs will surely be met. I'm pretty sure that when she decides to put up that business and run from it, success will come to her because it is in their nature to be successful in business because they think of all the aspects and every minute detail of that business.
Monday, July 26, 2010

Sam & San's Birthday & Blogversary Contest

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Sam & San's Birthday Blogversary Contest is happening and looking for participants! For more info on how to join just click on that banner!

Contest ends on Aug. 19. So come and join now.
Monday, July 19, 2010

TCP: Road Trip

Take a peek into the intricate lives of a young journalist, a band and the groupies. This is what you get when you watch my pick for this week's TCP.

I just love Kate Hudson in this movie. She reminds me of my friend and I, we were groupies of the Eraserheads. But that story is for a different entry. I love her character so much.

William Miller is a 15 year old kid, hired by Rolling Stone magazine to tour with, and write about Stillwater, an up and coming rock band. This wonderfully witty coming of age film follows William as he falls face first to confront life, love, and lingo.

I love the conflict at the end. The band denies everything written by the young writer. Kate Hudson (Penny) never gave her real address to the bandleader (soloist of Stillwater), instead gave the address of the young writer. In the end, they resolved to do the interview again. To redeem the young writer's career.

It's a journey of life, music, passion and love.

More Road Trips? Become a coucher. Just click on the button above
Sunday, July 18, 2010

My State of the Blog Address

I love how Pehpot makes an effort to help other bloggers, by sharing opportunities, helping out in designs, the effort she gives to her friends in creating those picture perfect greetings you see in the blogniverse when it is someone's special day. For your kindness and generosity, Thank You.

Why is the title my state of the blog address? It's actually a play on words with something that actually happened. Miss Pehpot and I were talking or discussing opportunities and she mentioned that you can easily forward and land directly to the my blog address. My blog address isn't, it's Before, when you entered my blog url without the www you would get a redirection page (one that is hosted by godaddy) and you will be redirected to my page in about 8 seconds. Miss Pehpot pointed out that there's a simpler way and that if anyone types my url whether with or without the www, they will be directed to my blog. Thank you for making it simpler for my readers and visitors.

As for the state of my blog, well, I think it's faring fine but could do better. I really really miss Letters That I'll Never Send, maybe its reinstatement will come next month, so that its anniversary will be that of hubby's birthday.
My blogging opportunites come and go, there was a site that offered around 5 jobs for me, but I have to do 15 jobs to cash out at least. So I'm waiting around for the next 10.

Adgitize. I read that some people got questions about adgitize. Look no further and ask one of the greatest resources in the subject, Ms. Pehpot the techie. My experience with adgitize is if you can afford to pay to become an advertiser and have the dedication to just click on 51 blogs and of course, write those articles you love to do then by all means go for it. I won a gc for adgitize in the biggest contest in the blogniverse a long/short time ago. Now, I'm trying to build my earning for that 1 month. Without it my earnings would not reach a dollar since I usually stop clicking when I reach 40. It is indeed easier thru Ms. Pehpot's adgitize tool but everytime I try to sit and do it, the kids would start demanding my attention.

I will never complain about the visits I get due to entrecard and adgitize. I am forever grateful for those clicking on my ads. You should realize by now that I have no google ads on my site because when I changed email addresses and etc, the google account stayed with it. I will try to research on how to reapply my google ads to have some extra moolah.

What advertising agencies do you use? Nuffnang? Chitika? Infolinks? Project Wonderful? Which one gives you the best value for your effort?

My domain is now renewed! Yay! You'll have me for a year more and hopefully my blog's pagerank won't be stripped. If it survives the next google update then I encourage you to join, my blog meme Letters That I'll Never Send.

That's all I think.
Friday, July 16, 2010

Saturday 9: Love Hurts

Saturday 9: Love Hurts

1. Tell us about the last time that you got hurt in the arena of love.

Last time was before I got married. Let's not talk about it.

2. Have you ever been part of the wedding party, other than your own?

Yes, as a bridesmaid.

3. Let's say you find yourself in Hell after you die. Think about everyone you've known in your life. Who would be the one person that would least likely to surprise you by being in Hell with you?

I so don't want to answer this question. It might bite me in the a**.

4. What brings you good luck?

My crooked teeth according to my dentist. ( I didn't put on braces)

5. Do you have a photo blog? If so, feel free to share the link with us!

Nope, I wish I had though.

6. What is your biggest source of news? (Internet? Newspaper? Television? Radio? The Daily Show? Other?)

Newspaper, Tv, and Internet in that order.

7. What's the hottest you've ever been in your life?

I believe it was the year 2000.

8. If you had to choose a theme song for your blog, which would would you choose and why?

Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version) made famous in the Broadway Musical Wicked.

9. Who was the last person you had an online conversation with that you've never met or talked to on your phone?

Miss Pehpot. Thru email.

Mommy Moments: Rides on Amusement Centers

mommy moments

My kids love to ride when we go to the mall. This amusement center is located at Dagupan and the kids usually beg me to let them ride as we wait for our food. The conversation would go this way:

Maegan: Can we play first before eating?
Mommy: No baby, eat first then ride. (unless the queue at KFC is long)
Maegan: Please....pretty please... play..then eat..then go home.
Mommy: Ok.

Little man doesn't know how to drive and needs supervision. Big sister can manage on her own.
Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now Cheap Cruises are Yours

It is time again to pack up your bags and enjoy a fantastic journey all your own. The destination, style, and pace of your trip are entirely up to you. Why not get the accommodations you long for and wake up in an entirely new place with a group of people you know have similar interests? Cruises come in a variety of styles and adventure. If you seek a romantic cruise, there are a variety of short or longer cruises that are adult exclusive so that privacy is yours. A relaxing cruise for those who seek a quiet time can be booked easily, as well. For the youthful, adventure-seeking folks, you can find the cruise that caters to the active daredevils out there who want to visit a number of ports in the world.

From shopping, dining, extreme scenery, the ports you can travel to are exciting and welcoming for travelers like you. Don’t forget, though, that the cruise ship itself is a big part of the trip in itself. With some cruise ships providing five-star excellence, amazing staff, exquisite dining, and modern amenities, you will be hard pressed to leave the ship when you finally arrive at a port.

What is all of this going to cost you? The thing is you can choose how much you pay. By searching for cheap cruises, deals, and bargains, you can choose from some of the very best deals ever. Why not be a bit flexible with where you go and how well you travel? By doing this, you will be opening yourself up to a world of options. Travel in style without paying an arm and a leg. It will be a trip of a lifetime—something you'll never forget!
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I want for my Birthday!

I have to tell you a story for you to understand why I want what I want for my birthday.

How do I start?

It's May 20,1998 - the fateful day when my bestfriend Pedz and I changed our titles from bestfriends to boyfriends. We were just 18, well, I was 18 he was going to turn 18. Fast forward to 2001, he became a graduate and I attended his graduation and met more friends and family members. He celebrated his grad party at his Uncle's house in Manila. We move on to 2003. My mom just bought a van (Revo) and had to break it in. What better way than to visit the place where my boyfriend of 5 years lives. We went to Tuguegarao. We were there for 2 days and we squeezed in sightseeing as well as meeting more family members and friends in Tuguegarao. In April 23,2005 - we tied the knot! Our daughter came to our lives in July 7, 2006 and her brother soon after on December 12, 2007. From then, till now, we have never been back to Tuguegarao. My kids have not met all of their aunts and uncles ( my hubby's brothers and sisters ages range from 24 - 7 and hubby is the eldest) because some of them suffer from motion sickness. My kids have not been able to taste pancit cabagan and have not eaten pancit batil pattung.They haven't met their grand-aunts, grand-uncles and grandgrandparents.

What do I want to have for my birthday? It's something truly simple.
The funds, the time, the opportunity, the agreement of fate, the cooperation of my mom, my patience in dealing with kids who will have to endure the 10-hour ride going to

This post is a contest entry for the Bloggityboop's Birthday Contest.Visit Mommy's InfoDose as well.

The Bloggityboop Birthday Blog Contest


Yay! Nothing brightens up my day more than finding new contests to join into. Luck hasn't been with me for about years now.

I miss winning... but then I named my old blog then and I still believe in it now, " Just Keep Trying."

The Bloggityboop and Mommys Infodose is holding a contest! It's a birthday contest and here are the prizes that will make you drool.


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Kotex Ultra Thin and Perfume

6 Raffle Winners
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GLEE CD (will confirm re: volume no.)

I love the prizes (specially the Glee CD plus dollars won't hurt either)


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of and FB Page: OwlCityPh
Sis Ning

What are you waiting for? Join now. Contest ends on July 31,2010
Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Grab their Badge and get a chance to win $$$

Who wants easy money?

For info and details, please click here.

It would help if you tell them that I referred you. I got this from Fedhz.
Giveaway ends on August 23,2010.
Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

1. Lindsay Lohan was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail. What do you think her future has in store for her?
Let me check, she bails out then does something where she gets caught and gets back in again.

2. What is the biggest fashion "don't" that you would like to police?
body hugging clothes in nude colors.

3. How should we punish sites that lure us in with "read this" and take us somewhere where we are first greeted by a pop-up and then a series of click throughs to actually read the meat of the story?
ban them from my browser forever

4. What is the most you will do to post a comment on a site? At what point is it not worth posting a comment?
I will post a comment if I feel like it and when you just ask for a security word. But if you want me to subscribe just to comment, that's a whole different thing.

5. If you purchase something online and you are charged for postage, is it still reasonable to charge for "shipping and handling"? What exactly does "shipping and handling" entail?
I think postage should mean shipping and handling. I was on online seller and it would mean wrapping the item to avoid breakage, making sure you send it thru the mail (registered or whatnot) then you also charge your fare and the amount needed to ship the item to the buyer.

Want more mayhem? Click the button above.
Friday, July 9, 2010

Become a kaChooks!

You must have seen the commercial?

The very famous Lea Salonga is endorsing Bounty Fresh and Chooks to go!

Lucky for me, there's a Chooks to go in this hick city of ours. It has a wide variety of flavors and the chicken is indeed tasty!

Come and get your FREE VIP Membership!

Be a kaChooks Club VIP member and get...

  • Free subscription sa Chooks Chikahan Newsletter
  • Special access to Members-Only events!
  • Free kaChooks Premium items and more!
  • Advance notification to kaChooks Promos and Events!
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Daughter Dear!

To find out how her birthday went, please visit us here.
Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wanting a Blog Designer?

Want a Blog Designer? Actually no. YOU NEED ONE.
Truth be told, You need A Great Designer.

Seriously. A blog is your brand and your style. They say first impressions last, so your blog template, design and how it looks certainly creates a very big impression to entice future readers.
You may blab about important matters, discuss pertinent issues yet if your blog design is common or hurtful to the eyes then I sincerely doubt whether you will be attracting any visitors.

I am addicted to blog designers and their giveaways. I did that a long time ago. I pretty much stalked the pretty designs of blogs. I know for a fact that my writing is of little interest to anyone so I try to make them stay a few seconds longer than the usual clicks I get, both from adgitize and entrecard.

Currently, I am hoping for opportunities and reviving my earning money online options so I could pay for a great blog design from a great blog designer that I have been hoping for...for some time now.

Kaye's design is prevalent and famous around the world wide web. Marce's Club's templates are somethings that will make you turn green with envy because of the impact they create. It totally looks professionally done and it truly is. There isn't any error in coding not that I know but I haven't been misdirected to any links so it certainly must be done right.

When done by a professional, a blog template will invite its readers to be back. The blog will be marked in the mind of the reader because it is done well. Besides the coding which I am pretty sure is a difficult thing to do. Believe me, I know... I think I've tweaked my blog a hundred to five hundred times with me just getting frustrated. One of the most difficult things designers must face is thinking of the graphics that go well with the blog. Do you know how much a subscription costs to those stock photo stuff? Pricey.. for someone like me.
So you have to be realistic in facing the fact that to get a real professional blog design, you have to know its worth and in the long run, it is pretty much worth it because the design of your blog is yours and yours alone. No one else will have that look. So, I think a blog with a great design, no matter what the cost, is actually priceless.
Friday, July 2, 2010

Sat9: Make Me Say it Again, Girl.

1. Do you feel that you need to keep repeating yourself when talking to a particular person?

My kids. You repeat it, till they get it!

2. It's July. Do you have anything special planned?

My daughter's 4th Birthday, her grandma is doing the planning.

3. Who is your big celebrity crush?

Jackson Rathbone, Jasper Hale of Twilight Saga and Sokka of Last Airbender

4. Tell us about a local restaurant you are sure we'd love.

Local? In our city? Hmm... that would only be Kevin's. Their pancit is a must try. They make great pancit palabok and pancit guisado.

5. Tell us about the shyest person that you deal with regularly.
My daughter. I repeat introductions and you have to play with her or catch her attention so you can be friends with her

6. What is your vision of heaven and hell?
My vision of Heaven and Hell would be that in What Dreams May Come. You make your own heaven, hell is its tortured version.

7. What is your neighborhood like?
Mostly commercial buildings less residential. Neighbors have businesses in front of their homes.

8. What's your favorite cook-out food?

9. When was the last time that you saw fireworks?
New Year, personally. Thru the television tube: Our New President's Inauguration.

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