Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wanting a Blog Designer?

Want a Blog Designer? Actually no. YOU NEED ONE.
Truth be told, You need A Great Designer.

Seriously. A blog is your brand and your style. They say first impressions last, so your blog template, design and how it looks certainly creates a very big impression to entice future readers.
You may blab about important matters, discuss pertinent issues yet if your blog design is common or hurtful to the eyes then I sincerely doubt whether you will be attracting any visitors.

I am addicted to blog designers and their giveaways. I did that a long time ago. I pretty much stalked the pretty designs of blogs. I know for a fact that my writing is of little interest to anyone so I try to make them stay a few seconds longer than the usual clicks I get, both from adgitize and entrecard.

Currently, I am hoping for opportunities and reviving my earning money online options so I could pay for a great blog design from a great blog designer that I have been hoping for...for some time now.

Kaye's design is prevalent and famous around the world wide web. Marce's Club's templates are somethings that will make you turn green with envy because of the impact they create. It totally looks professionally done and it truly is. There isn't any error in coding not that I know but I haven't been misdirected to any links so it certainly must be done right.

When done by a professional, a blog template will invite its readers to be back. The blog will be marked in the mind of the reader because it is done well. Besides the coding which I am pretty sure is a difficult thing to do. Believe me, I know... I think I've tweaked my blog a hundred to five hundred times with me just getting frustrated. One of the most difficult things designers must face is thinking of the graphics that go well with the blog. Do you know how much a subscription costs to those stock photo stuff? Pricey.. for someone like me.
So you have to be realistic in facing the fact that to get a real professional blog design, you have to know its worth and in the long run, it is pretty much worth it because the design of your blog is yours and yours alone. No one else will have that look. So, I think a blog with a great design, no matter what the cost, is actually priceless.


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