Saturday, July 31, 2010

TCP: Korean Dramas

I seriously have only 1 entry for this one and I have no other choice. I'm more into Taiwanese dramas. Perhaps, it is because of my first addiction to that Taiwanese drama which actually originated from a Japanese manga that I am here now and sharing what 1 Korean drama I've watched and begged the tv from my kids.

I'm betting you know this one. It's Boys Over Flowers. I did it so I could compare it with the other 2. Besides it being the most modern of all the versions, their affluence is so astonishing, and I think the actors are the youngest in the batch. It's also fun because that all 3, put in different aspects of their own culture.

Why 3? The first was a Taiwanese version(Meteor Garden 1 and Meteor Garden 2) with Jerry Yan, Vaness Wu, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu (did I spell it right?). The second was Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version) and the most recent is the Korean with the little boys. (Sorry, I feel so old.)

The Korean version put in some story lines that at least developed their characters more. I love the fact that the other characters were given enough scene time and story arcs. I don't need to tell you more. Tell me, I bet you liked it too. Which one's your recommended Korean drama? I might watch it. Just click the button above and share your post.


I haven't seen this. Actually hindi ako mahilig sa Taiwanese telenovelas but it seems i am going to like this one.

try mo panoorin iyong Winter Sonata. maganda ang story. happy TCP. my entry is here...


I've heard of it, but didn't get the chance to watch it, but I heard it's nice. Happy TCP!


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