Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Discovery

Each Christmas vacation, my brothers-in-law come to visit. Last year, we went to the beach. Last May, we went to Alaminos. This time around, instead of the promised return to Manila Hotel, (my kids just like the bathtub), we were planning to go to Zoobic. Hubby had his field trip there a few months back so we thought it was time to bring the kids to the zoo.
The original plan was to go visit Zoobic Safari and Subic Ocean Adventure. While doing research, I changed my mind about it. I thought that Subic would tire the kids out even before they arrive even if we pass through SCTEX. Plus during my research of Zoobic, I found out about a different zoo which is nearer and perhaps more kid-friendly. I discovered Zoocobia and Paradise Ranch!
Paradise Ranch and Zoocobia became my first choice of alternative as places to visit. Included in the plan was a visit to Nayong Pilipino and El Kabayo but our real purpose was Zoocobia and if we could visit the other places that would be great too.
Zoocobia as my kids termed it, is a petting zoo. They got opportunities of close encounters with goats, birds,  a bearcat and other animals. They got to feed the goats with milk in baby bottles. They tried to feed lovebirds with birdseed but got scared and a little hurt by the claws of the birds that they ran screaming out of the bird cage. 
We got to Zoocobia first. The first thing we did was had lunch. We reached the place at 11 am. We left our house around 7:30. We had lunch at the restaurant in Zoocobia, and the food was great! Even my kids love the Breaded Chicken Fillet! They love breading, so that was my choice. For the guys in the photo, I chose the grilled pork chop. For my mom and I, we had breaded fish fillet which was served with a garden salad dressed with mustard and yummy potato fries. We ordered extra rice since it wasn't provided with the meal. The lunch was cheap, filling, and tasted great. My kids want to eat there everyday, so they tell me.
After lunch, we started the tour. A tour guide named Resty was our guide for our stay. We were told that we could watch a live animal show when we finished our tour. We got to see ostriches, an alpaca, Wagyu cow, greyhound dogs, love birds, owls, snakes, my kids enjoyed seeing a miniature horse and a Shetland horse.

1st photo at Zoocobia! We ate first before touring the place.

Horseback riding at Zoocobia

My Performing Kids with the Amazing Disney and the dog trainer.

Best of all , my kids loved being part of the show when they volunteered to help the dog do his tricks. In the photo above, my kids held the hoops as the dog jumped through each hoop. Then they held the hoop closer together so the dog could jump 2 hoops in a single jump.

I highly recommend that you visit Zoocobia if you want your kids to appreciate the animals.  Watch out for my next post where I talk about Paradise Ranch.

As for their rates, we got the P375, Paradise Ranch and Zoocobia tour. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Year That Was

This is the year when:

  • Both of my kids started attending big school, my former alma mater. Amazingly tiring yet amazingly rewarding since both of them seemed to enjoy it. It was a big trial for all of us, but the kids managed beautifully after a rocky month.
  • We were able to go to a trip outside our city with the whole family. The fabulous thing about is that we got to attend a beautiful wedding and stayed at no less than Manila Hotel.
  • I got to go out and have a little social life.
  • I was going to start a business but was not able to push through.
  • God blessed me by making me pregnant with my 3rd child.
  • I won some contests on the web and also went on hiatus in the blogging world.
  • I discovered DAs and found opportunities to earn money online
  • I got scammed via paypal to gcash exchange
  • I decided that when I have enough money I will do paypal to gcash exchange as a legitimate seller.
  • I took advantage of the free shipping courtesy of multiply!
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LTINS: Dear Santa edition

Letters That I'll Never Send

Dear Santa,

         I've been good this year, yet someone scammed me from my future Christmas gift to hubby. Can i get a job? Anything online? Well, somehow it doesn't really matter what you give me this year. I just hope my kids are gonna be happy. As people say, Christmas is for the kids, and kids at heart. I belong to the latter. So does my hubby. I still haven't found anything nice for my mom and she deserves to have something nice. I only have a couple of nieces and nephews that are on my list but if I can't provide, would you provide them with gifts?

         I hope that next year will be better and that I'll be more prepared. Christmas should come everyday but then you'd be so tired. So never mind. We have no chimney so try the windows instead. I am not sure if my kids will be leaving milk and cookies for you, we only have man made milk. My kids are allergic to cow's milk. Take care Santa. Hope to find lots of stuff under the tree this year for the kids.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Found one!

I found an obscure giveaway! Wait, let me rephrase that! An obscure giveaway found me! The pretty giveaway host left a message through my contact form and lo and behold! Here I am inviting you to join as well. Mechanics are pretty basic and simple, plus lovely prizes of course. So I invite every one of you to join. The more the merrier, and spread the word.

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The prize:
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Contest ends on December 25, 12 noon. Hurry and join now!

When in London...

I am a Harry Potter fan. I signed up for Pottermore. I would love to visit London someday. I have relatives and a classmate there. It must be very interesting. It would be a dream come true to tour the castles, Westminster Abbey where Prince William married Kate Middleton. That would be very amazing!

I wonder how it would be to live in Top London loft conversions. I think lofts are great living spaces. New York residences are also defined as lofts. I think my cousins live in lofts. I wonder whether they belong to  Middlesex loft-conversion group .

There's a lot of history in London. I just think about Philippa Gregor's novels and instantly I am curious as to how the places described and how does the lineage of the Tudors live on.

I would like to see Big Ben. I also wouldn't want to miss visiting Oxford as it is  the most mentioned school in movies. I'm also curious about flea markets. What great finds would I uncover there? There are a lot of places that are certainly worth a first and second look. I wonder if it would be difficult to go there. 

London is also the setting in my head for Arthurian Legends. King Arthur, Merlin, Knights of the Round Table. These are just a few of the things that fill my head when I think of London. What about you?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Joining All Glammed Up Christmas Giveaway!

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The contest ends on December 31. Just in time to usher in the New Year!

I am joining Gagay's Page Rank & Birthday Thanksgiving!

Better late than never! My blogging suddenly restarts as I find inspiration in joining contests where I have nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain. If not for me, then for my kids of course!


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