Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Discovery

Each Christmas vacation, my brothers-in-law come to visit. Last year, we went to the beach. Last May, we went to Alaminos. This time around, instead of the promised return to Manila Hotel, (my kids just like the bathtub), we were planning to go to Zoobic. Hubby had his field trip there a few months back so we thought it was time to bring the kids to the zoo.
The original plan was to go visit Zoobic Safari and Subic Ocean Adventure. While doing research, I changed my mind about it. I thought that Subic would tire the kids out even before they arrive even if we pass through SCTEX. Plus during my research of Zoobic, I found out about a different zoo which is nearer and perhaps more kid-friendly. I discovered Zoocobia and Paradise Ranch!
Paradise Ranch and Zoocobia became my first choice of alternative as places to visit. Included in the plan was a visit to Nayong Pilipino and El Kabayo but our real purpose was Zoocobia and if we could visit the other places that would be great too.
Zoocobia as my kids termed it, is a petting zoo. They got opportunities of close encounters with goats, birds,  a bearcat and other animals. They got to feed the goats with milk in baby bottles. They tried to feed lovebirds with birdseed but got scared and a little hurt by the claws of the birds that they ran screaming out of the bird cage. 
We got to Zoocobia first. The first thing we did was had lunch. We reached the place at 11 am. We left our house around 7:30. We had lunch at the restaurant in Zoocobia, and the food was great! Even my kids love the Breaded Chicken Fillet! They love breading, so that was my choice. For the guys in the photo, I chose the grilled pork chop. For my mom and I, we had breaded fish fillet which was served with a garden salad dressed with mustard and yummy potato fries. We ordered extra rice since it wasn't provided with the meal. The lunch was cheap, filling, and tasted great. My kids want to eat there everyday, so they tell me.
After lunch, we started the tour. A tour guide named Resty was our guide for our stay. We were told that we could watch a live animal show when we finished our tour. We got to see ostriches, an alpaca, Wagyu cow, greyhound dogs, love birds, owls, snakes, my kids enjoyed seeing a miniature horse and a Shetland horse.

1st photo at Zoocobia! We ate first before touring the place.

Horseback riding at Zoocobia

My Performing Kids with the Amazing Disney and the dog trainer.

Best of all , my kids loved being part of the show when they volunteered to help the dog do his tricks. In the photo above, my kids held the hoops as the dog jumped through each hoop. Then they held the hoop closer together so the dog could jump 2 hoops in a single jump.

I highly recommend that you visit Zoocobia if you want your kids to appreciate the animals.  Watch out for my next post where I talk about Paradise Ranch.

As for their rates, we got the P375, Paradise Ranch and Zoocobia tour. 


wow! it seems like you really had a good time..

Happy New Year!

a visit from kim!


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