Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls Talk: Comfort Food

I'm so excited about the April theme for Girls Talk! Today we talk about Comfort Food.

I go through comfort food phases, it was different when I was in highschool, when I was in a dorm during college and definitely different now that I'm a Mom. I'm not a cook, only thing I can cook for certain is carbonara and that's about it. I've tried my hand in cooking other stuff though mostly soups. I like soups. Right now, my favorite soup and comfort food is....drumroll please.

Everytime I get this from that famous food place, you can bet that I buy 2 Large bowls because I often get attacked while eating by the two kiddos who enjoy it as much as I do. They just love saying...sssooooouuuupppp.

For more yummy entries that will make your mouth water, go ahead and click that button above. I know you want to...

Untitled Letter

Dear Me the Fool,

         Discontentment is now filling my world again. Hmm, maybe time to join Ms.Bambie's contest and win me a blog makeover. I'm so tempted to delete my blog and start from scratch. No joke, even if it's April Fools Day today. You should ask Calvin and Sir G., both witness to the numerous times I'd delete my blog and start from scratch. The coming school year would be a trying one for me. It will be the first time that both kids will enter school. Will blogging still be in the picture? I'm also facing the reality that if I never win any contest again, then how in the world am I going to pay for my domain? Hmm... It's time to rethink my blogging options. Perhaps going to a blogspot address again? Goodbye, cruel blogging world? Could that be the answer?
As promised, here's the Mcklinky and there's the Mcklinky.

MckLinky Blog Hop
Monday, March 29, 2010

April Themes for Letters That I'll Never Send

Are we moving?
I'm undecided. I'll just post 2x, here and there. Leave your links to your letters at the MckLinky.

Dear Reader,

Here are the Themes for the April Letters That I'll Never Send

Thursday Themes:

  • April 1: Dear Fool
  • April 8: Happy Easter
  • April 15: Any Topic
  • April 22: Write a Wedding Anniv Message
  • April 29: Dear Movie Director

Mom/Dad Bloggers here are your themes for Saturday:
  • April 3: No Letters in respect of Black Saturday
  • April 10: Summer plans for kids
  • April 17: Any topic or theme addressed to your Child/Kids
  • April 24: A Letter to my kid/s Teacher

Leave Suggestions and Comments Here for Future Themes
Sunday, March 28, 2010

To: Letters That I'll Never Send Participants

Dear Reader,

A comment made by Cacai got me thinking. I was wondering why she termed the question that way, that I was transferring letters that I'll never send to a blogspot address. Then it hit me. I give link love to those who participate in my blog which already has a pr  of 2, to those participants who take the time to write their letters. Is transferring the meme with poor participants to a blogspot address with no pr seem like a punishment to the meager number of participants who do bother? 

So, check out the poll, or leave your comments here.

I want to do what's best for the blog and for the readers, and participants as well. 

Definitely, a redefinition of what my blog is about has got to happen. It's time to decide pretty soon.

Friday, March 26, 2010

For the Blog Tweaker like me...

My picks
Lists of Great Blogger Tutorials and tweaks for the designer in you.

Dear Reader,

You're a blogger who likes to play around or tweak with your blog layout or template, then this is something for you. One of my most avid readers, if not my most avid reader and commenter Kikamz was curious about my blog header. Made you look didn't I? It's animated and changes around every 6 seconds, but who is counting?
Instead of taking all the claim and giving you a blow by blow account on how I tried to change it, I shall lead you to the experts who will tell you in ways you'll understand and grasp. I hope you make a better job of it than I did.
In no particular order, here are my favorite blog tutorials and tweakers and hacks.

  • Font or Fonts - changes how your blog looks and contributes to the branding of your blog. There are a lot of different fonts to choose from but the tricky part is getting that font applied to your blog.
          You can download fonts from
           2. Fonts for Peas by Kevin and Amanda
           3. Free Scrapbook Fonts by Kevin and Amanda
           4. Miss Tiina Fonts
           5. Misprinted Type  - just check under freeware for free fonts
           6. Two Peas Free Fonts - register to get them but they are totally cute!

Now, if you've chosen that font you would like to use for your blog post, date, sidebar titles and even for your blog entry itself, head on out to KevinandAmanda clicking that will send you to the tutorial on how to change blog post, date and sidebar title fonts only. For the blog post entries, you have to check out their new tutorial.

For Kikamz:
       Congratulations on winning at Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. I knew you could do it!
Anyway, here's the tutorial that you want. It's a new discovery of mine and I wanted to share. The site has a lot of stuff to offer from blogging tweaks/hacks, blog header and for the photoshop, photoshop elements, and lightroom addicts out there, this one's for you as well.
          Headers are that, headers, headlines, where you post the title, your tag, your brand for all the world to see. To gain curiousity and attraction, headers have to be at least attention-grabbing, cute, well-defined, or all that.
         Discover how to make an animated header like mine from this site. Coffee Shop. You will be amazed to the hundreds of freebies, tutorials and other amazing info you can get. I'm still reeling from the many discoveries I enjoyed from the site. I personally like the story board/ templates and will be playing with some of the ps freebies though I don't totally get it yet.
         One little thing though, can you tell me how to completely remove the header including the title? That's the error that got me flabbergasted as I tried to change my header. Maybe, I read it wrong or something. If you know the simple and easy fix to that...tell me. I'll be trying the animated header for my Letters that I'll Never Send blog too in a while.

Other Blogger Tutorials/Tweaks/Hacks Experts:
  1. Amanda of Blogger Buster
  2. Annie of Blogger University
  3. Kaye of Random WAHM Thoughts - coolest blog comment counter ever!
  4. Pocket of BlogBulk - for blog borders,dividers, etc. and posting 3 images side by side.
  5. Amanda of Kevin and Amanda
  6. Simply Fabulous Tutorials - code for grab this button!
  7. Pehpot of Novice on Blogging for blogging cards, how to review and more.
  8. Fedhz of Home Buddies - has adorable page rank buttons.

Know more interesting sites? Leave it in a comment here.
Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking Forward when faced with the Past.


It was Recognition day and visions of both the past and the future overwhelmed me.

Dear Reader,

                                        Here's a photo of my nieces for my younger niece's (Kharylle) Recognition Day. She's an honors student and is in the second grade. Wondering why it's her sister that's on the stage with her? Their parents are abroad, working in separate countries.

                As I sat there and listened, somehow I was transported to a different time, but in the same place. I am also an alumni at the same school except for my 1 month stint at Philippine Science High School in Agham Road.  It was so much different from my time. Back then, when you got into the honor roll, you got certificates, and awards given away are those of loyalty, etc. Now, they hand out medals for the honor roll and certificates for special awards.

                My school has changed a lot too. From the time that it started with around 8 classrooms, it is now an entirely very long compound of its own. I checked the faculty roster and I recognized the name of the owner and her child as the director and academic affairs officer respectively. I saw that 3 of my teachers in highschool when I was there are still there. Then, I also recognized one of the alumni, now, a teacher in our school. Pretty amazing. I should also mention that the alumni was the pioneer class of our highschool, as in the first batch to graduate. I belonged to the 3rd batch to graduate from that school.

               Maegan is school-age now and we are seriously considering my former alma mater to be her new school. The school announced last year on its 25th foundation anniversary of discounts given to children whose parents are alumni. I hope Maegan qualifies, the discount would go to a lot of things we need. Hopefully, Maegan will decide to stay in school since I don't think I can handle her being homeschooled. I think she has more respect to authority figures. She knows she can twirl mommy in her little fingers or if mommy's really tired mommy will turn into mommy monster.We've been bringing her to the school since there are a lot of occasions there and she enjoyed the book fairs there.

               Summer classes are about to start as soon as the Holy Week is over. Hubby and I are still undecided on what classes will Maegan and Paul attend. Have you decided on what hobbies/crafts/sports/class will your kids attend? Suggestions?
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send: Dear Graduates of 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send
is moving this coming April.
Please come and join us at our new home.

Dear Graduates,

              You are at a point in your life where you have to face some decisions. Specially for those graduating in highschool and in college.This is the time to celebrate the fact that you have finished one milestone in your life and that you are headed to a point in time which will mold your future.
               Do not fear unemployment or any of those things. All you have to do is be the best version of you. Try to be well rounded. Know your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. The future is yours and you can change it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send is moving

Dear Reader,

               Yes, I'll be moving Letters That I'll Never Send beginning April into its own blog. Yes, I really appreciate the fact that I've gained a few participants here and there from that meme but I wanted it to have its own home so much that I decided to make a new blog for it.

                I've added new features to the blog carnival which will hopefully attract more participants. Plus, this time you get 2 days of blogging fun.

                There's a new button too, and its blog template I think matches what the blog is totally about. I had fun with the redesign and concept so, leave comments or visit the blog by going to Letters That I'll Never Send. The blog officially opens on April Fool's day and I am looking forward to your Dear Fool entries.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Follow: Yay! I'm Back

Join Friday Follow

Where you get to meet new bloggers and their interesting blogs!

Dear Reader,

Friday Follow

Here’s how YOU can join the Friday Follow celebration:

–Link up your blog name and URL using the MckLinky below. Only need to add on one blog to be seen on all the blog hops.

–Grab the Friday Follow and Sponsor buttons and include both on your Friday Follow blog post.

–Follow the Friday Follow hostesses listed in the first 3 slots.

–Follow as many other blogs on the linky as you’d like.

–Take a moment to comment on the blogs telling them you’re from Friday Follow.

–Follow back when you get a new follower through Friday Follow.

This list is new each week. The links do not carry over. Please link up each week for new participants to find your blogs. The list is only open to add your blog links on Fridays. It will be visible all week to visit the blogs listed.

MckLinky Blog Hop
Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing around with Graphics

mommy graphics

mommy graphics

mommy graphics

Anniversary Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send: To My In-Laws


ear Papa Lito and Mama Ana,

                       I don't think I've ever thanked you enough for raising such a good man. I love that you raised your eldest child to be a very responsible father to his own children. I am glad that you are my in-laws because the love that you shower upon my kids is immeasurable. I write this letter as an appreciation and as an apology to you. We have always been planning to visit you there in Tuguegarao but we always fail to do so. You should know that Pedz and I have been discussing going there for the fiesta in May, but it is still just that, a plan. We are going to see if we can convince my mom to allow us to go. I don't think my mom wants to be separated from her favorite grandkids. We know for a fact that it is very hot there during the summer, so we are rethinking the idea, that maybe it is better to visit during the Christmas break. 

                       Thank you for going on leave each time I gave birth to your grandchildren and helping me when they were newborns. I couldn't have survived motherhood if it were not for your guidance and help.
Thank you for being supportive of us and never failing to greet us or call us. Thank you so much.

                       Maegan and Paul sends their hugs and kisses.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Project: 101 goals in 1001 days

Life is a game, we win it by making plans.

Dear Reader,

              I stumbled upon something great a few weeks ago when I was starting the reviews for the biggest blogversary ever, which I am now obsessing over though I haven't started yet.  It's a planning project which is very realistic. It's a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I found this in Ms. Marie's blog and got really curious about it and interested too.

I hope I can finish this list, it feels realistic so maybe I'll give it a shot.

 I just have to pick categories and try my best to stick to the goal. Some categories that come to mind is Travel, Finances, Blogging,  and Family goals too.

The project originated at this site: Day Zero Project. If you're a procastinator like me, then I guess this is a big help. Would you make a list of your own? If you do, hey leave it here and let's do it together. I'll be working on my list and hopefully publish it within the year. (LOL!)

I think I'll put Read 100 books in 1001 days. If I started yesterday, I could say I have finished one book already.


Celebrate Life
Each waking day is a gift. Celebrate Life Everyday!

Dear Reader,

           It's been days since my last post. Sorry, life took over, well, a dinner party and Manny Pacquiao took over plus we got a visit from one of my sisters-in-law.  If you're looking for my Tuesday Couch Potatoes entry, well, you can find it at a new blog that I have since I just won a new domain. Yay! So visit my Weddings entry and comment on the blog.

          Last March 13, my non-biological brother celebrated his 38th birthday. He lives in Baguio, works at Clark and has a home here in our little hometown. He was my mom's best student in highschool and has been our friend ever since. He is the older brother I looked up to since he's smart, and a great student.

          Well, to celebrate his birthday and their renewal of friendship, we got together and ate at a restaurant.
  Here's my daughter, endorsing the restaurant. If you ever get lost and want to have great seafood when you're in Binmaley,Pangasinan, Bangsal's is the place for you and it is something worth trying.

Fish and crab are placed in fish tanks and crates in front of the restaurant where they get to show that the food is caught and prepared fresh.

The food is great. Mostly Chinese food. But it's a row of restaurants by the same owner, famous for their seafood and lechon. There's a lechon grill outside the restaurant. A bakeshop in the middle building and a bar and restaurant at the other end so whatever food you're in the mood for... Bangsal has it. The bar and restaurant is named Enzo's and it has Filipino and Chinese food on the menu. Bangsal's Fine Dining Restaurant is mostly Chinese plus the Lechon...tasty.

So, if you're in the area, call me. Let's have lunch or dinner? I guarantee, it's worth the time and money.
Friday, March 12, 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send: Dear Favorite HighSchool Teacher

My Highschool Teachers
  • inspired me to study more
  • was never content of what I gave, instead asked more.
  • was strict yet I like her more for it.
  • I have a lot of favorites but to be fair, I write the first one to my Biology teacher.

Dear Miss Calicdan,

              I love the fact that you were a strict teacher. Biology became a favorite subject even if I never had any intention of pursuing medicine and by my senior year, I knew this for a fact. I loved that when you formulated quizzes, surprises come in the form of having to really read the whole book including footnotes. I scored points there. I love the challenges you imposed and how much you cared for us when you were our adviser. We learned a lot from you and I believe that you are among, if not, the class's favorite teacher. Evidence number one would be the adoring phrases we gave you in our yearbook. I don't know where you are right now, perhaps you've gone abroad? I'm hoping you got married already. Well, hopefully our paths will cross again so I can let you know how much I respect and how much you inspired me.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Memories and Crystals: A Review

This is a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest

Dear Reader,

My Memories and Crystals is a blog with a 3-column layout. The blog has picked green as its main color which is pleasing to the eyes. Both of its sidebars on the right side. It is  a personal blog written by Princess Sarah.

Princess Sarah
A mother of two wonderful smart and active kids. A wife, enjoys singing,playing the piano, and a friend in need...
Most of the entries are written for memes like Yummy Sunday, Skywatch Friday, Wordless Wednesday, and more. A few entries that speak of her passion and is more fitting to her blog's title is that of her entries which are about beading. I think she's a beadmaker, she used rice beads in making earrings and I think she's got talent.

I also found another entry where this time, she showcased her designs for bracelets.
I think it's gorgeous. I've been trying to browse whether she has an online store or what, but so far, I've failed in my search. If you're interested in jewelry, designs and more, or just want to see what meme you can join in on any day, then this blog is for you. Looking at scenic photos or photos with water, then I assure you that this blog will not fail in getting your interest and you staying to take a look.

Blog Makeover Anyone?

Want a Blog Makeover?
I found this new, great blog that's giving away a blog makeover?

Dear Reader,

Do you want more people visiting your blog? Liking your blog layout? Dreaming of that new design that's in your head but you don't know how to make it come alive? Then just go and look at Life According to Candice to fulfill your dream. You just might learn that you love learning about life according to her, have a few laughs and snag that blog makeover you want, but I want it more so much more. Contest ends on March 17

A Free Domain Giveaway!

Win a Domain of your Own
From Little BIG girl

Dear Reader,

      Interested in owning your own blog domain? Been dreaming about that dot com for so long? Here's your chance to win your own blog domain courtesy of Little Big Girl. It is in celebration of her 5 years in the blogniverse! Entries will be accepted until March 31. So go on to the blog and learn how to win that domain you definitely want.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bacolod and Beyond: A Review

This is a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest.

Dear Reader,

               Planning to go to Bacolod? Then I found the blog for you. Bacolod and Beyond is just right for you.
Some of the reasons that most people go to Bacolod can be found in the blog. I think one of the main reasons would be the Masskara Festival ( Festival of Masks).
               The blog is a 3 column layout with sidebars at the left and right. The header is a shot of a highway, presumably in Bacolod, but I guess, it just tells you that you're on a journey. The blog has a nature feel to it, I guess because of the numerous entries to different memes like Scenic Sunday, Skywatch Friday and Today's Flowers.
               Photos are the main ingredient of this blog, and as for added spice, the blogger has also posted videos that make the place more enticing to any traveller. Certainly, it is an appealing blog to those who want to travel, who has been to Bacolod or to someone dreaming of an adventure.
               I just wonder who Mom is, there is nothing in her about page that tells me who she is. Just that she loves to showcase Bacolod as a top destination and that she takes great photos. She's also a work at home mom.
               The blog is written in a conversational tone and is truly informative.


Azumi: A Blog Review

This is a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the world of Azumi: Bambie's very beautiful and kawaii princess. The blog has a 3-column layout. It has a very cute header, so kawaii! The family is based in Japan so you get the treat of learning about the places and happenings in a kid's life in Japan.

Get dazzled by the wonderful photos, some with pretty layouts, some sequenced, but all of them are guaranteed done with artful taste. The photos are really expressive and captures many very beautiful moments. I am truly most impressed with the photos. The blog participates in memes that the child Azumi enjoys. There's Mellow Yellow and of course Mommy Chris's Mommy Moments.

I love the stories in the blog, to what the kid enjoys like ice cream. Ice cream just makes me swoon since it's so hot here. I wonder if it's hot in Japan as well.

The blog is a chronicle of Azumi's life, what she enjoys, what she does and what she's up to. Through the memes and the blog's content we get to learn about Azumi: A Kawaii Prinsesa's Story and truly it is something that is worth knowing. If you like kids, want to know how to be a parent and what kids enjoy at different stages in their life, then this blog has definitely something to offer to you.

A Blog Makeover Giveaway!

I want to win a Blog Makeover!

Dear Reader,

            There's a new contest in the blogosphere. This time, the prize at stake is a free blog makeover! I always want to win one of those. The contest is hosted by the very talented Lady Java.  It's so easy to join. Contest ends on March 25, winner will be chosen via Random.Org.

For more details, click here.

Fab Momma: A Review

This is a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's biggest contest in the blogniverse

Dear Reader,

                              The blog is written by the very attractive and fabulous or I should rather say fabBIElous Momma to Azumi. The blog is so kawaii (which is cute in japanese). I learned all of this from her blog. The blog has a very cute doily styled header which you can see from the screenshot above. It's so pink and cuddly. Her favicon is a heart which gets her more plus points from me.

                                The blog has a 3-column layout. Simple, neat, and pink. Most of the entries are of memes which the blogger participates in. Some of the memes she participates in are: Girl Talk, where in her latest entry she revealed her figure both in the tale of the tape and in photos. She also writes an entry for Sunday Stealing, Saturday 9, and Couple's Corner. I find her artistic and articulate. I love her photos. They are very cute and tasteful.

                                 Her footer reveals all the memes she participates in. I love how candid she is that you shouldn't expect sensible posts from this particular blog and refers you instead to her kid's blog. All in all, I think anyone will find the blog interesting and will come back for more as there are a lot of things that she writes about and you might just find yourself getting interested in the memes where she participates.
It doesn't hurt that the blogger's way of writing is conversational and engaging. So, go ahead and meet the fabBIElous Momma.

Mara's Personal Bubble: A Review

This is a Blog Review
the biggest contest in the whole blogniverse, hosted by Kaye & Pehpot

Dear Reader,

                     For this post, I will be reviewing Mara's Personal Bubble. The blog is written by Mara de Guzman, I am assuming this from the blog's link. The blogger has a lot of favorite movies and favorite music based on her profile. Mara's Personal Bubble is the first blog in the review series that I have encountered which has an animated header which literally had me impressed. I've already seen a signature which is animated, which is also impressive and that one was made by Kaye one of the hosts for this blog contest review frenzy.

The blog has 3 columns, one for main posts and 2 sidebars and one widebar which I envy so much. The content is something which I really enjoy reading. You get your fill of music, and videos for that matter. Lyrics are thrown in too as an added bonus. I also love the fact that this blog has book reviews and movie reviews. Seriously, it is a blog that I now have bookmarked and added as one of my favorites.

This blog will hook any book lover, movie goer or someone who just wants to be updated in the world of music, movies and books which I rarely am, so having discovered this blog through the blog contest is a real treat. It has a lot of interesting reads, which surely will keep me and everyone else back for more.

Mara's Appetite: A Review

Dear Reader,

                      Due to the biggest contest in the blogniverse, I get to encounter this site for the first time. First impression is that it's about food and it certainly hits the spot. The header is cute as it depicts different cliparts of yummy and tasty desserts. Just looking at it is making my tummy growl.  The blog is a 3 column blog which makes it neat and not too long.
                      The blog is a food blog and a photo blog as well. The posts are almost always filled with photos of food, whatever the blogger had an interest on, to try or a restaurant she visited. Photos are quite good, and the blogger is articulate and engaging in her description of her food adventure.  I say almost always, since there was a photo of water but who am I kidding?
                       I find the conversational tone of the blogger engaging, did you read that in my second paragraph? Because it's very true. The blogger even has a post of a comparison of eating a burger at Boracay and eating the same burger (menu option) but in Manila and her tastebuds say that there's a difference in taste but she isn't certain.
                       I am babbling. The truth of the matter is, if you're someone who's interested in food, like me? Scoping out new restaurants to try, just in case you get to visit certain areas. Well, go ahead and park yourself at Mara's Appetite, it will make you hungry for more.

Another Blog Review

This is a blog review for the biggest contest in the blogniverse. Haven't heard of it yet? Click on Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest button.

Dear Reader,

                         Jade is at it again. I've lost count as to how many of her blogs are included in the biggest contest ever in the blogniverse. We meet a different Jade in this blog of hers. We meet the Jade at the homefront. I am now just discovering that indeed there are a lot of sides to a person and this time, we meet the Jade who talks about beauty tips, having a simple chitchat with her, and some things about health and her family.

                           There are pinoy recipes, her concerns about moving to the Philippine Islands, and entries to contests around the web. I enjoyed her recipe about mung beans. That's one recipe that my kids really like, they just love it so much.

                            The blog is actually simpler in design and deviates from the other styles of her blog.It is a 3-column blog with sidebars at both ends and the main post in the middle. It is a Wordpress hosted blog, and the domain name is a stand out. It just captures the very essence of who, most of us are, me included. The Pinay Blogger. Whether you're looking for something new and interesting to read, or just plain curious. I assure you Jade, The Pinay Blogger will have something that will get you interested.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fang is Out! Yay!

are my way of escaping my life.
I'm stuck to where I am.
I read to escape.

Find more videos like this on Max-Dan-Wiz

Yes, it's for young adults. I feel that way. (Sometimes). Honestly, I read the series because it was written by one of my many favorite authors James Patterson. I like his Alex Cross series though I haven't finished them all yet. I also love his strong, female characters in The Women's Murder Club. I also like his Michael Bennett series, the suspense was really thrilling. Of all his books, I haven't read the Dangerous Days of Daniel X yet and the Witch and Wizard.  I have now something to add to my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. Cool!
Finish all James Patterson books.

I highly recommend Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. If you can't get it in a book, you should watch the movie. I cried and cried over it. Yes, it isn't a thriller. It's a very romantic, heartbreaking book and movie.

If you're interested in reading Fang. I got a copy of it. Just leave a comment if you're into ebooks.

Advising Writers: A Review

This is a blog review for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest
Read my Review. Advising Writers may just be for you

Dear Reader,

The site is a magazine layout style with innumerable tabs. The blog is predominantly white and makes perfect sense since it tries to showcase the articles and works of the writers who signed up with them.

Advising Writers is a content website for online writers and information seekers. Members can publish content and make money through their content by placing ads with their content.
The blog has fresh content and is constantly updated by the members. It has a healthy helpings of poems, I particularly liked a short Goodbye Letter. There are a lot of options to write about, whether your interest or creativity lies in poetry, articles, news articles, videos or shortstories they have it. Even better you can contribute by signing up with them. If you have any or all of the above 'stuff' lying in your blog, closet, journals or other materials. You might even earn more through joining which is a plus for anyone and everyone since we all need extra money on the side.

Certainly, a site that's interesting which has a lot to offer for poets, poetry-inclined, or just interested in reading. Advising Writers is a site that can help you, inspire you, and perhaps help you to earn those precious moolah.


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