Thursday, March 4, 2010

An All in One Review by Mys

The Easy Way Out
I've not given up...not yet. But inspiration has not come yet, maybe when scores are updated...

Dear Reader,

This is another review, but to be more precise, these are reviews just to give link love to those wonderful sponsors I haven't reviewed yet. It's frustrating that when they are but a few of them left, inspiration has left me and gone somewhere else. Perhaps to Kikamz, who is busy finishing up everyone's review.

  1. His Unfailing Love - a blog written by Princess Sarah. She is coming home to the Philippines to undergo a myoma operation, let's all pray for her.  She has a cute, green, blog of 3 columns and has interesting posts. Besides personal experiences, she joins a lot of Memes like Mommy Moments and others.
  2. My Memories and Crystals -  is yet another blog written by Princess Sarah. With more memes to choose from and personal photos to boot. 
  3. Bacolod and Beyond Journey - is a blog that features one of a must-see cities in the Philippines, Bacolod where the famous Masskara festival is held. Besides tidbits and guides to Bacolod you can expect memes here like that of Scenic Sunday and Skywatch Friday.
  4. Azumi: My Kawaii Prinsesa's Story - is a kid blog written by her Mom, Bambi. Expect a lot of stories about the beautiful princess who was brought into this world with 23 hours of labor. Truly, a labor of love, but totally kawaii!Learn more about the princess by clicking on the link.
  5. Fabbielous Momma - is written by Bambie proud momma to Azumi. A very sexy mom, based on her Girls Talk entry. I'm actually impressed. You can read entries on memes like With Love Wednesday, Couple's Corner and other. The blog is written in a conversational manner so you will surely be enticed.
  6. Mara's Personal Bubble - is the first blog I've seen with an animated header in a long time. Wow. Get your fill of music, sports, movies and even book reviews. Everything I like is in this blog. Seriously, it's something you should bookmark.
  7. Mara's Appetite - is a blog that will make you drool over the food, and just wish you can snap your fingers and go to where she has eaten. Yum. I hear my tummy growling. Do you hear it too?
  8. The Pinay Blogger @ Home - is another blog written by the very ubiquitous and fabulous diva Jade. The blog is all for the environment, talks about the home, some contests around the blogosphere, beauty tips and more. It has everything to offer for a woman and more.
  9. Advising Writers - is a site where writers can apply to write articles and more. It entices you to join and earn, be part of them. Links to news articles, features, short stories, poems and even videos are posted.
  10. United World Poets - looking for a poem to woo someone with, afraid to make your own? Fear not, the answer is united world poets. The poets united in giving you a site where they can publish their poetry to their hearts content and it's just a click away.
If you want to know more about blogs that are worth reading, join Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest! It's worth it. Click on the button below.


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