Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mara's Personal Bubble: A Review

This is a Blog Review
the biggest contest in the whole blogniverse, hosted by Kaye & Pehpot

Dear Reader,

                     For this post, I will be reviewing Mara's Personal Bubble. The blog is written by Mara de Guzman, I am assuming this from the blog's link. The blogger has a lot of favorite movies and favorite music based on her profile. Mara's Personal Bubble is the first blog in the review series that I have encountered which has an animated header which literally had me impressed. I've already seen a signature which is animated, which is also impressive and that one was made by Kaye one of the hosts for this blog contest review frenzy.

The blog has 3 columns, one for main posts and 2 sidebars and one widebar which I envy so much. The content is something which I really enjoy reading. You get your fill of music, and videos for that matter. Lyrics are thrown in too as an added bonus. I also love the fact that this blog has book reviews and movie reviews. Seriously, it is a blog that I now have bookmarked and added as one of my favorites.

This blog will hook any book lover, movie goer or someone who just wants to be updated in the world of music, movies and books which I rarely am, so having discovered this blog through the blog contest is a real treat. It has a lot of interesting reads, which surely will keep me and everyone else back for more.


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