Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking Forward when faced with the Past.


It was Recognition day and visions of both the past and the future overwhelmed me.

Dear Reader,

                                        Here's a photo of my nieces for my younger niece's (Kharylle) Recognition Day. She's an honors student and is in the second grade. Wondering why it's her sister that's on the stage with her? Their parents are abroad, working in separate countries.

                As I sat there and listened, somehow I was transported to a different time, but in the same place. I am also an alumni at the same school except for my 1 month stint at Philippine Science High School in Agham Road.  It was so much different from my time. Back then, when you got into the honor roll, you got certificates, and awards given away are those of loyalty, etc. Now, they hand out medals for the honor roll and certificates for special awards.

                My school has changed a lot too. From the time that it started with around 8 classrooms, it is now an entirely very long compound of its own. I checked the faculty roster and I recognized the name of the owner and her child as the director and academic affairs officer respectively. I saw that 3 of my teachers in highschool when I was there are still there. Then, I also recognized one of the alumni, now, a teacher in our school. Pretty amazing. I should also mention that the alumni was the pioneer class of our highschool, as in the first batch to graduate. I belonged to the 3rd batch to graduate from that school.

               Maegan is school-age now and we are seriously considering my former alma mater to be her new school. The school announced last year on its 25th foundation anniversary of discounts given to children whose parents are alumni. I hope Maegan qualifies, the discount would go to a lot of things we need. Hopefully, Maegan will decide to stay in school since I don't think I can handle her being homeschooled. I think she has more respect to authority figures. She knows she can twirl mommy in her little fingers or if mommy's really tired mommy will turn into mommy monster.We've been bringing her to the school since there are a lot of occasions there and she enjoyed the book fairs there.

               Summer classes are about to start as soon as the Holy Week is over. Hubby and I are still undecided on what classes will Maegan and Paul attend. Have you decided on what hobbies/crafts/sports/class will your kids attend? Suggestions?


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