Thursday, March 4, 2010

Almost Content

Tweaking my Blog a never ending process. I am always in the mood to change it. Nevertheless, I feel as if I'm getting there. What do you think? My sidebar is still a mess though.

Dear Reader,

          Have you noticed the little differences about my blog today? If not, well, just my luck. Did you witness the change in the columns a few days ago and my discontentment again? 

            Actually, I've been a bit busy doing something else. There's nothing like tinkering with new blogs. I'm just hoping I get to use my new designs. I'll launch them soon...or not. I'm in a moody state right now. 


Here's how the header for Letters That I'll Never Send looks right now. It may still change or I may not go for it yet. It depends.Here's another one that my hubby likes so much better.

I'll keep using this blog for the contests and giveaways. Maybe, I can win a domain for the other blog/s. I just had fun making them. Which one do you like? Come on leave a comment, don't be shy...


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