Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Celebrate Life
Each waking day is a gift. Celebrate Life Everyday!

Dear Reader,

           It's been days since my last post. Sorry, life took over, well, a dinner party and Manny Pacquiao took over plus we got a visit from one of my sisters-in-law.  If you're looking for my Tuesday Couch Potatoes entry, well, you can find it at a new blog that I have since I just won a new domain. Yay! So visit my Weddings entry and comment on the blog.

          Last March 13, my non-biological brother celebrated his 38th birthday. He lives in Baguio, works at Clark and has a home here in our little hometown. He was my mom's best student in highschool and has been our friend ever since. He is the older brother I looked up to since he's smart, and a great student.

          Well, to celebrate his birthday and their renewal of friendship, we got together and ate at a restaurant.
  Here's my daughter, endorsing the restaurant. If you ever get lost and want to have great seafood when you're in Binmaley,Pangasinan, Bangsal's is the place for you and it is something worth trying.

Fish and crab are placed in fish tanks and crates in front of the restaurant where they get to show that the food is caught and prepared fresh.

The food is great. Mostly Chinese food. But it's a row of restaurants by the same owner, famous for their seafood and lechon. There's a lechon grill outside the restaurant. A bakeshop in the middle building and a bar and restaurant at the other end so whatever food you're in the mood for... Bangsal has it. The bar and restaurant is named Enzo's and it has Filipino and Chinese food on the menu. Bangsal's Fine Dining Restaurant is mostly Chinese plus the Lechon...tasty.

So, if you're in the area, call me. Let's have lunch or dinner? I guarantee, it's worth the time and money.


mmmmm!! i'll keep that place in mind. mukhang masarap nga. di kayo umorder ng lechon?


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