Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fab Momma: A Review

This is a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's biggest contest in the blogniverse

Dear Reader,

                              The blog is written by the very attractive and fabulous or I should rather say fabBIElous Momma to Azumi. The blog is so kawaii (which is cute in japanese). I learned all of this from her blog. The blog has a very cute doily styled header which you can see from the screenshot above. It's so pink and cuddly. Her favicon is a heart which gets her more plus points from me.

                                The blog has a 3-column layout. Simple, neat, and pink. Most of the entries are of memes which the blogger participates in. Some of the memes she participates in are: Girl Talk, where in her latest entry she revealed her figure both in the tale of the tape and in photos. She also writes an entry for Sunday Stealing, Saturday 9, and Couple's Corner. I find her artistic and articulate. I love her photos. They are very cute and tasteful.

                                 Her footer reveals all the memes she participates in. I love how candid she is that you shouldn't expect sensible posts from this particular blog and refers you instead to her kid's blog. All in all, I think anyone will find the blog interesting and will come back for more as there are a lot of things that she writes about and you might just find yourself getting interested in the memes where she participates.
It doesn't hurt that the blogger's way of writing is conversational and engaging. So, go ahead and meet the fabBIElous Momma.


I went to check her out before commenting here. I love her blog design and blog. It's so cute and pretty.


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