Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Memories and Crystals: A Review

This is a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest

Dear Reader,

My Memories and Crystals is a blog with a 3-column layout. The blog has picked green as its main color which is pleasing to the eyes. Both of its sidebars on the right side. It is  a personal blog written by Princess Sarah.

Princess Sarah
A mother of two wonderful smart and active kids. A wife, enjoys singing,playing the piano, and a friend in need...
Most of the entries are written for memes like Yummy Sunday, Skywatch Friday, Wordless Wednesday, and more. A few entries that speak of her passion and is more fitting to her blog's title is that of her entries which are about beading. I think she's a beadmaker, she used rice beads in making earrings and I think she's got talent.

I also found another entry where this time, she showcased her designs for bracelets.
I think it's gorgeous. I've been trying to browse whether she has an online store or what, but so far, I've failed in my search. If you're interested in jewelry, designs and more, or just want to see what meme you can join in on any day, then this blog is for you. Looking at scenic photos or photos with water, then I assure you that this blog will not fail in getting your interest and you staying to take a look.


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