Thursday, June 30, 2011

What do I Treasure?

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 5. This week’s prize is one year free blog hosting sponsored by MaBelle of Treasure Box.

I treasure my blog's new PR which is certainly very shocking and undeserved. I completely understand if you hate me right now. It's not a can go check out pagerank info yourself... I think I did it 5x today. {Obsess much??? } but seriously no. Don't give it much credit because I certainly don't know how it came to be. I believe that it's rise is due to this blog's longevity.

I treasure my readers who are still here. Thanks for sticking around even if the blog posts have been sporadic.

I treasure the blog contests that I've missed.

I treasure even more the blog contests that I will be able to join this one.

I treasure every moment, crazy..angry...happy...and every other emotion in between that I feel with my kids and husband and my mom.

Last but not least...I treasure my has given me a lot.
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Update

Bloghopping along, I get jealous of the new and varied memes that the blogging community has now opened up. I'm still going on a negotiation as to my internet connection for a faster blogging experience and somehow I'm beginning to think that to be a successful professional blogger, one must be willing to invest. Unfortunately paypal is depleted and I haven't had many opportunities yet...but due to a recent update by Google...I am hoping that good things will come my way.

I still want to do LTINS or Letters That I'll Never Send but I want to fix my blog so that they know what it's about and to encourage others to join. That is in the replanning and reworking process so hopefully loyal letter writers will be back. Did I mention the Google update, it won't hurt to have your link in my blog right now..I hope.

In connection with this, if you're still reading this....Link Exchange anyone???

Leave comments and url...or find me on facebook. Thanks.
Sunday, June 19, 2011


The theme of my blogs... there always comes a point when I stop, take a breath and drop everything I use to do.   It's more of trying to rediscover or discover who I really am and what I'd really like to do.Somehow, finding something new makes me feel like blogging again. Hopefully, the feeling lasts longer because if I do plan to make this blog survive and of course for me to afford blogging (domain renewal costs and all that), well, I just have to find it in me to finally decide to do what I love doing and that is writing, ranting, raving about books, new sites, digital scrapbooking things and all other things that caught, catch, will catch my attention.

Before the restart:

Let's recap!

May was the most hectic May I've ever experienced. It was a great month. It's the birth month of mine and my mom. Happiness came in the form of my aunt's family...cousins, nephews and all because of the wedding of my eldest cousin who we are so happy that he finally found the right woman for him in the form of Ate Agnes. She's gorgeous and smart and they are really so in love, you see it in their eyes.

May 28 was the date of their wedding. It was an all out wedding, I am proud to admit that I guess this wedding tops the last wedding I've been to... my own wedding would be number 5 on my list. The wedding ceremony was held at San Agustin Church and the reception was at Manila Hotel. What makes the wedding even more memorable was that it is our first trip as a family to Manila. The kids went along and I am glad to report that we survived, and that we also survived staying in a hotel...Manila Hotel to be precise.

The kids loved the bath tub, till now, they insist that we return to Manila Hotel for the bath tub. I tell them that they should just take a bath in their plastic bath tub. We decided to visit Manila Ocean Park, my son got frightened by the crocodile and the sharks, but my daughter felt like going in and talking to the sharks and crocodiles.

The suppliers of the wedding were great. Food was great, and there was a lot of options. Buffet style for the guests, though the incline was killing my feet, but that was due to my heels. They got Jason Magbanua as their videographer...he made an impressive onsite avp. The guests and friends of both the bride and groom were game at anything thrown their way so definitely a lot of fun. The host or master-of-ceremony of the wedding is a famous guy...RJ Ledesma who writes for the Philippine Star and hosts a show called Best Men at GmaNewsTv.

But of all of us, my daughter enjoyed the most of all. She enjoyed walking down the aisle, posing for the cameras, and most of all, she loved dancing the night away.

Last note: Please visit my other blog... Peas and Ems... I don't know what it will be about is hosted in my new discovery which is Posterous and I'm just happy to start blogging and not worry about hosting yet.
Posterous inspired me so I hope you like it or you'll at least visit my blog there. As I'm a newbie there...I'm still happy and trying to discover things there.

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