Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Update

Bloghopping along, I get jealous of the new and varied memes that the blogging community has now opened up. I'm still going on a negotiation as to my internet connection for a faster blogging experience and somehow I'm beginning to think that to be a successful professional blogger, one must be willing to invest. Unfortunately paypal is depleted and I haven't had many opportunities yet...but due to a recent update by Google...I am hoping that good things will come my way.

I still want to do LTINS or Letters That I'll Never Send but I want to fix my blog so that they know what it's about and to encourage others to join. That is in the replanning and reworking process so hopefully loyal letter writers will be back. Did I mention the Google update, it won't hurt to have your link in my blog right now..I hope.

In connection with this, if you're still reading this....Link Exchange anyone???

Leave comments and url...or find me on facebook. Thanks.


Wow, PR 4! Congratulations! :) Sure thing, will leave my links here. I joined your GFC, too. Beautiful template, clean and cool!

Thank you

Walk Through My Notebook
Earn Online with Mom


i have not read anything from you in a while + wow pr4?! way to go! i'd love to exchange links!

by the way i love your new look + yes i must agree, please go on with LTINS, it's gonna be cool :)
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