Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harvesting Bangus

I couldn't resist taking the photos of these. My daughter was screaming at my ear the whole time when she saw hundreds of bangus (milkfish) jumping out of the pond as they were trying to evade the net that would capture them.
Hubby and the driver explained to us, that most fishermen are already harvesting their bangus or milkfish because of the fishkill that happened in Alaminos and Sual.
What is fishkill?
A large amount of fish dying due to the extreme change in temperature. An example situation would be when it's so hot in the morning or at noon, and suddenly it rains causing an extreme drop in temperature. Often, this would result to fishkill,
They cast the net wide and big. Then slowly they try to enclose the net. The net is held by at least 20 guys and they try to move closer to each other. As it happens, you get to see hundreds of fish jumping and jumping, trying to get out of the net. We saw some that evaded the net which were caught by little kids holding basins.
Our driver tells us that it is even more beautiful when seen at night, since you can see the scales of the milkfish glitter and sparkle at night.

Monday, June 28, 2010

TCP: Matt Damon Movies

If hubby had to make his pick, no doubt about it, he would have chosen: The Bourne Series. Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum, and Bourne Identity. He loves the character and the story and how the movie was executed. But I'm not my husband.

My pick is something you've already read and heard of in a previous entry. I think. It stars my favorite actor besides Matt Damon, no other than Robin Williams.

In my pick, Matt Damon is a school janitor in an ivy league school who has this uncanny ability (genius) to solve mathematical problems which are perplexing and complicated theorems, corollaries and the like. Where every line there should be proof of your solutions. ( I am recanting my statement, hubby would enjoy the math challenge here).
One day, he decides to solve a particular problem left at the chalkboard by a math instructor and since the answer is correct and none of the students can claim that they were able to solve it, the search led to Matt Damon.

The story is unique, heartwarming and touching. It was also written by both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The movie is Good Will Hunting.

Want more Matt Damon? Click on that badge and discover more Matt Damon movies

*Apologies to Kikamz for being absent for such a long time. Rediscovering the hardships of waiting in school and scrambling in the morning.


Thinking and tempted to create a blog for the kiddos. Just about them. I'm enjoying waking up early and feeling dead on my feet by the afternoon. My mornings pass by in a rush, and I tend to nap by the afternoon. It's actually funny.

My daughter looks forward to going to school everyday because of the stars on her hands, paper, or stamped on her. My son loves going to school because he plays 'an older brother' to 2 other toddlers.

I wish my daughter finished toddler school, but then it's ok because everything she learns now is new and she's still excited about it.

Would it be a good idea to make a kid blog? I'd love to post everyday what I get as remarks from my son's teacher and maybe maegan's report card or drawings that she does in school.

It makes me both proud and embarassed at the same time.

I still have no idea if my kids are smart. Time and their teachers will tell. Hopefully, they aren't like me and that they inherited their dad's math wisdom.
Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exchange Email Management: A Time Management Tool

If you're reading this, then I'm betting that you have an email account. In this modern world of technology, email is in and snail mail is slowly losing its popularity. If you have an email account, then most likely you are also a target of what the online world call spammers. From emails that solicit help which are usually fraudulent to emails saying you've won in an online lottery you've never participated in. You might also have some subscriptions to newsletters that were useful to you for quite some time, but that time has passed and you still haven't unsubscribed, well there's a tool out there for you. It's called an exchange email management. This tool will help you to organize your email inbox. Read only what's necessary, deliver all the spam mail you receive straight into the trash bin.
Interestingly, you can do this by checking where the email came from and by programming or making use of your email options and using a filter method to indicate what folder a particular email would have to go into.
If you're a professional, a businessman or someone who needs an organized inbox then employing an exchange email management expert should definitely be in your list of persons to hire.
Monday, June 21, 2010

Seriously considering Calgary Condo as a home

Yes, you have to believe me that each day I look at how hard my husband needs to work just to send 2 adorable kids to school and well, maybe the greener pastures are in Calgary, if not Toronto, or Vancouver. Finding a place to live while you work is one of the biggest considerations one must think of when moving to a different country. Frankly, I think it is much more economical to live in a Calgary condo, where even if the rent or cost would be high, but I'd be saving money, time, conserve my energy and it would mean less stress for me and my husband in trying to commute then I'd live in the condo. The long-term would be even more beneficial.

With growing kids, spending that much needed quality time is worthless, that's why when you decide to pick a house where you want to live, it is essential to see whether there are schools that are safe nearby, security of the place, shops, markets or groceries where you can buy necessities, hospitals, clinics, doctors, pediatricians who live nearby. Essentially, if the place is conducive to raising a family and has the amenities that you can live with. Go for it. How would you pick a home for yourself?

Yay! It's a Boy!

Just had to shout it out loud!

Congratulations to Mommy Joy and Daddy David Garibaldi for the great news of having a son for a first-born.

I was looking for a photo of a baby boy with a paintbrush, since I couldn't find one, I settled for this one instead!

Yay! Goodluck and hope to see you guys someday.

Thinking of Vancouver Mortgage...

It could be a big possibility. Who really knows? I've got friends in Canada, my hubby's boss's son is in Canada and is willing to adopt our family in case we decide to go abroad, and where better to go to than Vancouver or Toronto. I think if I try to search in facebook, I'd be able to find more people who are in Canada and I'm fairly certain that my husband would certainly qualify, if ever he wanted to practice teaching there.

It would probably be our first time to encounter mortgage. Would Vancouver Mortgage rates be higher or lower than say New York's? I've encountered a word like this in the game monopoly and I've heard it from my aunt, cousins, and uncle living in the U.S., buy a house, pay a mortgage. I guess the best thing to do, if we really can't afford to let our kids go to school here in our country, is go abroad, then hire mortgage brokers so we can buy our first home, if we can afford it or if not, rent first then buy a house.

I'm dreaming of a place with a much better weather. What are you dreaming of?

Is Dvd Duplication a good idea for a business?

Local companies and mostly direct-selling companies rely on dvd duplications to maximize their potential earnings. One of the higher ranking direct-selling companies even employ the use of dvds as a catalog of their new releases. Multi-level marketing companies and other companies that do recruitments as source of extra income often use cds or dvds to convince more and more people to join their companies.

Furthermore, dvd duplication is not only for movies, for photos like your fashion portfolio or architectural designs, photographs and even ebooks. When you want your business to be convincing and effective in its marketing strategy, I'm pretty sure using a dvd duplication service would be a great way in maximizing your income and profits with the use of professional service.
Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Bloggers who want to earn through blogging must in fact learn some of the few basic steps in making their blogs optimized for search engines. In other words, your blogs should be easily found when anyone who is looking for certain information are typing keywords that pertain to topics you write about in your blog.

For your blog to be noticed, your blog must at least show up in the top 30 results of google search or other such prestigious search engines around the web. There are a lot of companies that can offer search engine optimization services for a fee, and there are some basic tips in doing so, just go and research on how some are successful in doing it. Others employ professional services to take advantage of the numerous benefits they can achieve in doing so.

It's never too late to learn, maybe I should get some of that professional search engine optimization packages I have been reading about.
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Day

Seriously, I do not have the energy to write down this post.

I can barely connect my phone, so all photos to follow...if I don't lazy.

I had butterflies in my stomach this morning. I was worried, paranoid, panicked and wanted to puke my breakfast. I was honestly terrified if today would be a good day or a bad day for my kids.

Let's start from the beginning.

We woke up at 6, but actually I was a nervous wreck that I woke up at 3, then again at 5, then decided I could sneak a few more winks.

I had prepared all their stuff the day before so no worries there.

We started with breakfast, quick baths for everyone up to the grandma.

Since we were all ready, we went to Maegan's school first. She wasn't the first to arrive, she was met warmly by her teacher. She's in a class of 12 where there are 2 teachers so I'm happy about it.

They did the drill of singing the national anthem, doing exercises and greeting the teachers at the wide gymnasium which was totally new to her. Then they went back to their classrooms. We are only allowed a week of observation, then we have to stay outside the gates or the fetcher's designated area.

Next, I had the job of bring my son to his sister's old yet shortlived school. Thankfully, the teacher is her godparent and I received positive reviews that he enjoyed the class even if he was without his sister. That was my biggest worry. I don't know how they'd react that they aren't in the same class and doing the same activities but Maegan erased my worries by saying that because she's a big girl, she has to go to big school and Paul doesn't mind his school too much because he is a sociable boy.
Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Contest


ys is back with a vengeance and what better way to restart blogging but with a big Thanksgiving Contest.


hat: Noel & Levy's Thanksgiving Contest



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1st Prize: $100

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Consolation Prize: $5 plus AD SPACES will be raffled to 5 people
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roofing for the Rainy Season

Is it raining in your part of the universe? Rainy season has started in our little city. It makes me think of metal roofing. I had a hand in picking out everything that went into the new house my mom built. It isn't exactly new now, but it was new 5 years ago. As an only daughter it was her gift to me, I had my choice of tiles, roofing materials, paint and even got to pick out the windows and doors that I would live in all the remaining years of my life.

Did you know that you can get lost in the number of choices that you have to make once you finally decide that you have to build your dream house. I think it is very important to put a great part of your budget in the roofing. The roof will shelter you from the elements and keep away the rain, the sun, and a whole lot more. So, how did you choose the roofs over your head?

What New Movies would you like to watch?

It's been ages since I've been to a movie theater. I blame the fact that there's only one mall that provides movies on a regular basis and it's in the next city which is about an hour away. I don't even know how much a movie ticket costs nowadays.

There are a lot of movies that have caught my interest. One of these would be my much awaited movie, Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga. It is about to be shown in the Philippines on June 30. I'm hoping I can tag along with my niece to watch it. I love Eclipse for the mere fact that I'm hoping that in this part, Jasper Hale gets more scenes, since this is the part that he trains the werewolves for a much bigger fight. I've been seeing the trailers in different sites and blogs and it has certainly piqued my interest.

Some movies that have come and gone which I so wanted to see in a very big screen would be Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Iron Man 2 and something that was brought to my attention since it was one of the longest running television shows and I so love the first movie that ever happened which showed what Carrie and the girls have been up to. Well, you guessed it... Sex and the City 2. My twin and bestfriend couldn't stop talking about it, so it must be something I shouldn't miss as well.

New movies that have caught my attention are: Prince of Persia... Jake is such a hunk. Robin Hood, a classic tale brought into the silver screen again. The Sorcerer's Apprentice looks interesting and I have always liked Nicolas Cage. The Karate Kid is also a movie of note for me since it stars my ever favorite Jackie Chan and with no less than the son of Will Smith, this remake is sure to make these artists more famous. Pat Morita has always been famous for this role as well as Hilary Swank being the female version of the Karate Kid who was then Ralph Macchio. Funny, after all these years I still remember his name and had no need to look it up the internet.

What about you? What new movies would you like to see?
Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Save Money

It's school time for my kids and pretty soon, I would have to teach them the value of money. Money is hard to come by these days and when you do get some, it is just too easy to spend it away. This early, my kids know about money and how to use it. I have yet to teach them how to save.

Do you have a plan on how to save money for your kids? What about a useful method of teaching your kids to save?

An answer to these questions are available in the form of ekomini. Ekomini boasts of being the first and only interactive moneybox in the world. What's even more amazing about it is that it is the only one of its kind that is web-enabled. Your kids learn about saving money through an educational web game. It isn't only educational, it will make your kids money-wise and will teach them not how to save, but even to invest, and how to share their money.

Ekominiville is where you go when you connect your interactive moneybox. Here, parents can monitor the progress of their kids savings and this is where you can play those educational games that will help not only your kids but us parents as well.

This is a highly recommended product for all-occasions. It will not only teach you and your kids the value of money. It will also provide you with an educational experience that one must be equipped with in this financially challenging life.

Ekomini is a toy pegged at only $39.99, it is something definitely worth buying. Imagine all the savings and financial tips and gains that you will achieve with this wonderful, interactive and every educational toy. Highly recommended for kids ages 6-12.

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