Monday, June 21, 2010

Seriously considering Calgary Condo as a home

Yes, you have to believe me that each day I look at how hard my husband needs to work just to send 2 adorable kids to school and well, maybe the greener pastures are in Calgary, if not Toronto, or Vancouver. Finding a place to live while you work is one of the biggest considerations one must think of when moving to a different country. Frankly, I think it is much more economical to live in a Calgary condo, where even if the rent or cost would be high, but I'd be saving money, time, conserve my energy and it would mean less stress for me and my husband in trying to commute then I'd live in the condo. The long-term would be even more beneficial.

With growing kids, spending that much needed quality time is worthless, that's why when you decide to pick a house where you want to live, it is essential to see whether there are schools that are safe nearby, security of the place, shops, markets or groceries where you can buy necessities, hospitals, clinics, doctors, pediatricians who live nearby. Essentially, if the place is conducive to raising a family and has the amenities that you can live with. Go for it. How would you pick a home for yourself?


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