Monday, June 21, 2010

Thinking of Vancouver Mortgage...

It could be a big possibility. Who really knows? I've got friends in Canada, my hubby's boss's son is in Canada and is willing to adopt our family in case we decide to go abroad, and where better to go to than Vancouver or Toronto. I think if I try to search in facebook, I'd be able to find more people who are in Canada and I'm fairly certain that my husband would certainly qualify, if ever he wanted to practice teaching there.

It would probably be our first time to encounter mortgage. Would Vancouver Mortgage rates be higher or lower than say New York's? I've encountered a word like this in the game monopoly and I've heard it from my aunt, cousins, and uncle living in the U.S., buy a house, pay a mortgage. I guess the best thing to do, if we really can't afford to let our kids go to school here in our country, is go abroad, then hire mortgage brokers so we can buy our first home, if we can afford it or if not, rent first then buy a house.

I'm dreaming of a place with a much better weather. What are you dreaming of?


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