Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harvesting Bangus

I couldn't resist taking the photos of these. My daughter was screaming at my ear the whole time when she saw hundreds of bangus (milkfish) jumping out of the pond as they were trying to evade the net that would capture them.
Hubby and the driver explained to us, that most fishermen are already harvesting their bangus or milkfish because of the fishkill that happened in Alaminos and Sual.
What is fishkill?
A large amount of fish dying due to the extreme change in temperature. An example situation would be when it's so hot in the morning or at noon, and suddenly it rains causing an extreme drop in temperature. Often, this would result to fishkill,
They cast the net wide and big. Then slowly they try to enclose the net. The net is held by at least 20 guys and they try to move closer to each other. As it happens, you get to see hundreds of fish jumping and jumping, trying to get out of the net. We saw some that evaded the net which were caught by little kids holding basins.
Our driver tells us that it is even more beautiful when seen at night, since you can see the scales of the milkfish glitter and sparkle at night.


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