Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Day

Seriously, I do not have the energy to write down this post.

I can barely connect my phone, so all photos to follow...if I don't lazy.

I had butterflies in my stomach this morning. I was worried, paranoid, panicked and wanted to puke my breakfast. I was honestly terrified if today would be a good day or a bad day for my kids.

Let's start from the beginning.

We woke up at 6, but actually I was a nervous wreck that I woke up at 3, then again at 5, then decided I could sneak a few more winks.

I had prepared all their stuff the day before so no worries there.

We started with breakfast, quick baths for everyone up to the grandma.

Since we were all ready, we went to Maegan's school first. She wasn't the first to arrive, she was met warmly by her teacher. She's in a class of 12 where there are 2 teachers so I'm happy about it.

They did the drill of singing the national anthem, doing exercises and greeting the teachers at the wide gymnasium which was totally new to her. Then they went back to their classrooms. We are only allowed a week of observation, then we have to stay outside the gates or the fetcher's designated area.

Next, I had the job of bring my son to his sister's old yet shortlived school. Thankfully, the teacher is her godparent and I received positive reviews that he enjoyed the class even if he was without his sister. That was my biggest worry. I don't know how they'd react that they aren't in the same class and doing the same activities but Maegan erased my worries by saying that because she's a big girl, she has to go to big school and Paul doesn't mind his school too much because he is a sociable boy.


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