Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Save Money

It's school time for my kids and pretty soon, I would have to teach them the value of money. Money is hard to come by these days and when you do get some, it is just too easy to spend it away. This early, my kids know about money and how to use it. I have yet to teach them how to save.

Do you have a plan on how to save money for your kids? What about a useful method of teaching your kids to save?

An answer to these questions are available in the form of ekomini. Ekomini boasts of being the first and only interactive moneybox in the world. What's even more amazing about it is that it is the only one of its kind that is web-enabled. Your kids learn about saving money through an educational web game. It isn't only educational, it will make your kids money-wise and will teach them not how to save, but even to invest, and how to share their money.

Ekominiville is where you go when you connect your interactive moneybox. Here, parents can monitor the progress of their kids savings and this is where you can play those educational games that will help not only your kids but us parents as well.

This is a highly recommended product for all-occasions. It will not only teach you and your kids the value of money. It will also provide you with an educational experience that one must be equipped with in this financially challenging life.

Ekomini is a toy pegged at only $39.99, it is something definitely worth buying. Imagine all the savings and financial tips and gains that you will achieve with this wonderful, interactive and every educational toy. Highly recommended for kids ages 6-12.


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