Sunday, July 31, 2011

Letters That I'll Never Send Reloaded!

What: Letters That I'll Never Send Meme

             The Letters That I'll Never Send Meme is a weekly meme where you get to write about anything. No more Topics assigned except for the 3rd week of every month where I ask you to write to a child/your child/children. I'm a Mom and I love writing letters to my kids and my nieces and nephews.

When: Thursdays

Why: I love writing. I find it as something which is therapeutic specially when I've had a very challenging day. I love to write letters and read letters. 

How: As much as possible I would like the letters to be positive letters and not rants. I also try to avoid profanities as much as possible. Let's make our letters something that we can take pride in, even if these letters won't be sent. Write your letter, leave the link here, visit others and leave comments to their letters. That's it!

By the way, you have to post the button for me to recognize that it is your entry for the week's Letters That I'll Never Send

We have 2 new buttons to choose from!

The other one is this:

My Musings in Print.

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 9. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Lainy of Lainy’s Musings.

Did you know that my blog's name used to be Thoughts and Obsessions. I miss that name. The thing behind it is that this blog is more about my everyday thoughts and what I'm obsessing about for that particular week, month, day, or that minute. I go through phases in books, sometimes I'm in the mood for suspense, at others I want to be horrified. I would go on a James Patterson book by book reading spree, then suddenly shift to paranormals where I can read about vampires.I go through phases when I watch tv, and even my taste in movies.

When am I usually doing my musing or being absorbed in thought? When I read books, watch movies, and watch my favorite tv series. But then the thought usually disappears as soon as my kids realize that I'm just watching and then they try to own the tv again.
Friday, July 29, 2011

DOT COM Domain with Hosting Giveaway!

Mommy Rubz the famous Pinay Mommy Online, Filipina WAHM, and Domain Angel is hosting

DOT COM Domain with Hosting Giveaway!

I'd be crazy to turn down an offer like this one. I really really want it! I want to have a new domain but the one that I really want is the wordpress hosting that comes with it!!!!!

Help me please. Leave comments. I'll be forever grateful. But before I rattle off more things here are the details that will surely make you want to join this giveaway yourself!

Prizes at stake:

5 Dot Com Domains with Self Hosted Wordpress Hosting for 1 year!!!!

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The Filipina WAHM, The Movie Mommy, Eye for Fashion, Finds and Freebies, Our Dream House, All in One Woman, Caffeinated Muse, Feeling Traveler Aketch

Blog Contest ends on August 10, 2011

The Question:

What dot com domain do you want to have and why?

I would like to have....

In an earlier post, I was deciding what niches I could possibly enter. To be serious in blogging, you have to find your place in the sun. To know what it is to write about, one that you know enough of. Something that when you write about it, the reader will understand or you can grab their attention because you know what you're talking about.  I am a book lover, I like watching movies when time permits or my when my kids permit. I watch tv when my kids nap. These are my stress relievers from life besides blogging. I used to write movie reviews at Kikamz blog meme. They made me feel alive and I loved writing them.

Check my profile. I actually started to make that blog, I found a template that fits...sort of.  I would really want to win this domain and hosting. Maybe this is my niche. My place in the blogging world. One that would truly fit me.

Help me win! Leave comments, if you think I should get a chance to have that dream fulfilled. Thank you very much!
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest Year 3!

Amazing Grace is hosting another birthday giveaway and it's her 3rd year!


1st Prize :
$50 Cash thru Paypal
Blog Make-over

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$ 30 Cash thru Paypal
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3rd Prize :
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By now, you should know I'm addicted to blogs that have blog makeovers as their giveaways!!!

I am still dreaming of my very own personalized blog...until now.

The Generous Sponsors:

For more information about the contest: Click on the button above!
Saturday, July 23, 2011

Victoria Condos: A Place to Live

I've never been inside victoria condos or any other condo for that matter. I'm just a stay at home mom from the province. I've been to a hotel room though and most people say that some hotel rooms are just like condos. That  a condo is a space where everything is there and I think some hotel rooms are just like that.

I know of a couple who just got married and now lives in a condominium. When I think of condominiums, I think of high rises, or a hotel like those in Hongkong, where when you go out of your hotel, you are part of the mall. Sometimes, I dream of condominiums as each floor belongs to one person, well, the rich ones or the actors who earn a lot do that.

I wonder if I could ever live that way. A condominium as my house. Maybe if the condominium had a pool, a gym, a spa and a salon of its own. Who am I kidding? My life is simple. I've learned to live with my simple life. I can dream though. The condo should have their own daycare center for my kids too, in case I wanted to start working again.

Who among you lives in a condo?

What's your Niche?

I like writing. I am not the best writer. I am not even someone you could call a good writer. Often times, I wonder about those who have a lot of blogs. How can they author so many? But then some are more gifted than others.

I've learned, now in my 4th year of blogging on and off that it is important to have niches. Niches or your own little place under the sun where your blog is truly defined and specific. How I'd love to do a travel blog and show you the wonders of my own little place here in the city that doesn't look like a city... but... I don't have a camera and I don't travel. I stay at home.

Now, my plans are to have blogs about my kids (my mom/parenting blog) but I don't think you'll learn parenting tips from me, I'm just learning myself and I don't think I'm actually good at being a parent. Although I do think my kids are doing ok.

Another blog would be for the numerous giveaways around the web which is open internationally or to people like me, from the Philippines. That's how this blog started anyway. I won from a domain contest and here I am now...4 years later.

Last but not least, a book, movie and tv blog for myself. But don't expect it to be updated. I don't go to the movies. I can watch tv when my kids are asleep. I can read books in my phone though. That's the only one I can proudly say that I can do...yet I am still not proud enough since I don't read through a Kindle and only some of the books are purchased.

This blog is mine. For me, for all the interests I've mentioned and for all the opportunities that I hope will come  my way. For my life. A chronicle of my blogging life.
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Victoria Real Estate: An Option to Consider

When I read novels, I like reading picturesque scenes. Scenes filled with vivid imagery. Colors of autumn or things that are vibrant like those times during spring time. Houses, and little nooks and crannies. I imagine that maybe I can do a scene in a Victoria Real Estate.

Someone conducting a tour, a street bustling with activities, a translator, negotiating on a bargain, crowds, noise, and the background of vineyards, or small shops,little cafes with chairs and tables outside under a big umbrella.

I'd expect comfort and luxury in a place like that. The inns would be quaint, or majestic, depending on your income of course. Maybe there would be condominiums. Something modern. Seriously, I can not decide. Would it be better to be rustic or modern? But that's just me, daydreaming aloud.

Girls Talk:Birthday Wish

My birthday was last May, I wished that something would be different this year. It came true. For the first time ever, we were able to go on a trip as a family. Though I am still dreaming of a bigger trip where we can finally all go together to the hometown of my hubby. He's from Tuguegarao and we have never gone there. They always visited us here in Pangasinan. That is my dream and that is my wish.

What about you? Care to share your birthday wish? Has it come true? If you want to meet new people and talk about birthday wish. Hey, you never know if the one reading your blog can make it come true. Join Girl's Talk by clicking the button above. 

How we do Homework

I have been missing the movies, but now, I get to watch more tv when my kids are in a negotiable mood. They do more activities like coloring and mom(me) can have her turn to watch tv as they do their homework supervised.

What we do is actually put all the stuff we need, things they need for cut and paste assignments, books, notebooks, magazines, and fliers I collect in case we need to cut more things, newspaper, pencils, crayons, glue and stickers on top of our Superior Rugs.

We actually shifted to rugs just this summer. We actually had the floors on the living room and the bed room covered with those foam mats. Now, my taste runs more to Oriental Rugs, having Chinese blood running through my veins. I like both Chinese and Japanese inspired designs.  

My kids have more fun on the floor. I can easily check their assignments. It is actually easier to clean up because when the task is done, I just get a broomstick and sweep.  My mom likes Oriental Rugs too. Maybe it makes her feel closer to her dad who was pure Chinese. Vacuum cleaners are also easier to use on rugs.

When my kids are older, I dream of getting the house redone. The ones who sold us our rugs said that they also do home service where they measure every inch of your house so that the house has a nicely put rug inside. I think that would be rich, decadent and amusing. It would be a dream for me. Walking on something soft and fluffy in your bedroom. Something tasteful with a very central focus in the living room. The hallway with something that makes the hall brighter. I think a rug when it is tasteful or beautiful is actually a cheap and a nice way to change how your house looks. You can even hang them on walls.

One thing I want to learn though while we're still talking about rugs is how to remove clay, modelling clay to be precise, easily from rugs. I think they are the stickiest of things and I don't know where my kids can play with them. Dried up clay is fine but new ones or ones that are still moist tend to stick to the rug. I've tried broomsticks but I usually get tired. Do you know of a simpler solution?

One thing's for sure. My kids have more fun on the floor. What about your kids?
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going Online

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway Week 8. This week’s prize is one year free blog hosting from Dens of Dens Online.

I try not to go online so much...but I can't. I haven't found the balance that I want. I guess if you've known me from the start, you'd know that by now...there are times that I drove myself blogging. I had my most prolific time in blogging when I joined online contests and when I was trying to win the biggest blogversary contest in the blogosphere some years back. All you have to do is look at my February post and I think I almost did 60 posts for just 28 days.

Then there comes a time when I'm just burned out. I'd focus on facebook and obsess over games. When I get bored, go back to blogging. When I get stuck...I dream of an online business. Going back to ebay or multiply.  Envious of other's success. Then you see I try to blog again. Again, it's the contests that catches my eye. Opportunites to write and gain something in return. Sometimes I just miss ranting about stuff. Just about me. Perhaps I really need to relaunch LTINS again. I'm missing that outlet.

Zowanderer's Intriguing Contest

Zowanderer's Intriguing Contest

It ends tomorrow, and I got curious.
Why would someone name a puppy Bebang?
Saddam was true to his name.
Another puppy is named Kokey.

My guess Bebang could be inspired by a character from a different network played by Michael V.

What's so great about the contest? All we have to do is guess!
and a little more. For more details, visit the blog post here.

Join SAHMone's Blogversary Giveaway!

The instant I saw this, I had to try my luck. Not for me, but for my aunt. My aunt is a Mary Kay Fan. She loves their foundation. Last last year, I was earning from blogging and had given her one by ordering online. Now, I hope to get the chance to win these prizes from SAHMone's Blogversary Giveaway!

The prizes are: Desk mirror, Nourishine “Sweet Raisin” Lip Gloss, Full Coverage “Ivory 200 Liquid Foundation”, 2 pcs. Red Rouge Creme Lipstick sampler, 2 pcs. Toffee Caramel Creme Lipstick  sampler and 2 sets of Timewise Microdermabrasion Refine & Replenish.

I am just wishing for that Foundation - my aunt will definitely love that one. She cares so much about us and she's really happy receiving makeup because she's a teacher and they attend many events.

Contest ends on July 30. So Join Now and Get a Chance to win these marvelous prizes! 
Sunday, July 17, 2011

Join Big Sister's Diary: $22 Giveaway

One lucky reader of Big Sister's Diary is hosting her first giveaway in celebration of her 22nd Birthday. The prize is 22 dollars. It's so simple and easy to join. Just follow the instructions and pretty soon you can be in the running to win a prize of $22.

One more thing: Her blog is a new discovery and I already find it interesting because she is also a contest hunter. She's also very successful in winning contests. Go ahead and check out her site. For more details about her giveaway, visit her giveaway post.

Contest ends on October 21
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dreaming of a Postpaid Plan!

Finally found the best plan for me... just dreaming now on how to avail it.

Ever since cellphones began, my mom and I have always been very loyal Smart subscribers. Perhaps because they were the first to arrive in the area. The same way that my mom is loyal to Digitel for her landline. I remember the days of the phones as long as the person's face, covering the side of the face from hair to chin with big antennas you had to extend and turn around to find the best signal.

Cellphones and their possible uses have totally evolved and with more telecom players (3) at least we now have more options and more ways to become connected.

Before, my dream plan was Quattro. 4 phone lines, unlimited calls to the circle of 4. I thought that would be perfect for me, hubby, and the 2 kids. But that was the plan when they get to senior highschool if and when k12 is implemented.

My dream has changed. Smart has just introduced something new! Smart has introduced UNLI POSTPAID.
There's a new SMART UNLI TEXT POSTPAID for only 299 per month! This is for the ones who are text addicts, now they only have to pay 299 a month and they can make their thumbs sore by texting to their hearts content.

The second offer is my dream offer. UNLI CALL & TEXT for only 599 per month. What's more is that both plans give you a free phone.  For the UNLITEXT, you get a free SAMSUNG E1080, and UNLICALL&TEXT get a free Nokia C1-01.

Now, there's more reasons to go postpaid, assured of getting your calls through. No busy signals. Plus, almost everyone in my family are Smart Subscribers, I can just imagine the chismis I can do with my friends, old and new. Super excited. I hope I can go get one tomorrow.
Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Buttons and others...

 - old blog badge

 - created another one

           - I feel like this looks better.

Help! I can't choose what blog badge to use... I had fun making all of them so... I hope you can vote by giving comments. Thanks.

Watch out for the relaunch of Letters That I'll Never Send...better send in the topics you want to write a letter about.

My Plans if I ever go to California or New York

I have often wondered about living in the States. I often imagine that if I ever went there then by now I most certainly would be a professional in applying makeup. My cousins ..all of them looks so sophisticated. They know how to dress for a date, for going out with family, it comes so naturally and easy to them. They make it seem effortless.

I would love to stay at home and just watch tv. That to me, is the highlight of my visit to the states, to be able to see the tv series that I wait for so long here in the Philippines. Other things on my list would be to visit a Dollar Store, and Target or Macy's ...plain curiousity. Oh, I almost forgot to visit Radio Shack... and buy a gazillion of rechargeable batteries in all shapes and sizes imaginable and chargers too.

But knowing my Aunt and Uncle, if I ever do visit, they will surely make me visit tourist spots. In California, I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing the Walk of Fame, which my mom has photos of when she visited. An Ocean Park and probably Nevada. In New York, Broadway was where my Aunt took my mom when she visited.
I wonder how my aunt or uncle buys tickets for performances or sports events like United Center tickets, Daniel Tosh tickets , The Masters tickets, Jersey Boys tickets, or even Joel Osteen tickets. Maybe they'll buy online for convenience.

I just remembered that I also want to visit an amusement park, see a county fair and a flea market. Probably help in a soup kitchen as well. Visit a hospital to learn more about how they manage diabetes in the states and inquire about a lapband. I'd also open a bank account there if possible, for paypal. Buy myself a magicjack. Ask about Tivo. Ride a subway train. Eat hotdogs from a hotdog stand. Visit universities...maybe Long Island University. Get a Long Island Icetea at Long Island!!!  See my cousin-in-law's artist studio.

What about you? Been to the U.S.? What did you visit there?

Do you have a plan?

Unlike other blogging friends and blogging discoveries, I did not make a big deal out of my birthday this year. 31 isn't as pretty as 30. But with a new year added to my age, I can't help but think about getting insurance. I actually smile everytime I hear the commercial that goes, "What about you? Do you have a plan? Let's talk". I'd love to talk to you but then I'd have to a steady source of income first and foremost. 

It is better to be prepared in life. It is always better to have a plan, and then a plan b, even a plan c and a backup plan to all the other alphabets. My cousin-in-law has a sick dad in the states, I might ask her if she has availed of Aptus Insurance. Her dad is really sick and I wonder if she got him a seniors Burial Insurance as well. They say he's just waiting. 

Are you from the insurance industry? Then is a site to visit for you. IIX is the number one in providing motor vehicle records to insurance professionals and employers. They help in keeping track and making your service more efficient.
So, what about you? Got a plan? I know for sure that I will be getting one for my peace of mind and security of my kids' future.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Join! Let's Party!... Jes is Thirty Giveaway!

What is my memorable birthday experience and how did I celebrate it?

          My memorable birthday experience is my 18th birthday simply because it was a time when I brought home my college friends to our house for a 4-day vacation and the plan was that there was no celebration that was going to happen. The surprise came when my mom decided to throw me a party since I had enough friends to do the 18 things and all. But that was not the really memorable part, the memorable part would be that in the history of debuts and what nots, I was not in sync with my motif which was green and I wore a brown pantsuit, and changed into a dark blue dress. LOL!

So Join the 

Let’s Party…Jes is Thirty {Giveaway}

 Here's your invite!

Prizes at stake are the following:

$80 CASH
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