Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dreaming of a Postpaid Plan!

Finally found the best plan for me... just dreaming now on how to avail it.

Ever since cellphones began, my mom and I have always been very loyal Smart subscribers. Perhaps because they were the first to arrive in the area. The same way that my mom is loyal to Digitel for her landline. I remember the days of the phones as long as the person's face, covering the side of the face from hair to chin with big antennas you had to extend and turn around to find the best signal.

Cellphones and their possible uses have totally evolved and with more telecom players (3) at least we now have more options and more ways to become connected.

Before, my dream plan was Quattro. 4 phone lines, unlimited calls to the circle of 4. I thought that would be perfect for me, hubby, and the 2 kids. But that was the plan when they get to senior highschool if and when k12 is implemented.

My dream has changed. Smart has just introduced something new! Smart has introduced UNLI POSTPAID.
There's a new SMART UNLI TEXT POSTPAID for only 299 per month! This is for the ones who are text addicts, now they only have to pay 299 a month and they can make their thumbs sore by texting to their hearts content.

The second offer is my dream offer. UNLI CALL & TEXT for only 599 per month. What's more is that both plans give you a free phone.  For the UNLITEXT, you get a free SAMSUNG E1080, and UNLICALL&TEXT get a free Nokia C1-01.

Now, there's more reasons to go postpaid, assured of getting your calls through. No busy signals. Plus, almost everyone in my family are Smart Subscribers, I can just imagine the chismis I can do with my friends, old and new. Super excited. I hope I can go get one tomorrow.


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