Thursday, July 21, 2011

How we do Homework

I have been missing the movies, but now, I get to watch more tv when my kids are in a negotiable mood. They do more activities like coloring and mom(me) can have her turn to watch tv as they do their homework supervised.

What we do is actually put all the stuff we need, things they need for cut and paste assignments, books, notebooks, magazines, and fliers I collect in case we need to cut more things, newspaper, pencils, crayons, glue and stickers on top of our Superior Rugs.

We actually shifted to rugs just this summer. We actually had the floors on the living room and the bed room covered with those foam mats. Now, my taste runs more to Oriental Rugs, having Chinese blood running through my veins. I like both Chinese and Japanese inspired designs.  

My kids have more fun on the floor. I can easily check their assignments. It is actually easier to clean up because when the task is done, I just get a broomstick and sweep.  My mom likes Oriental Rugs too. Maybe it makes her feel closer to her dad who was pure Chinese. Vacuum cleaners are also easier to use on rugs.

When my kids are older, I dream of getting the house redone. The ones who sold us our rugs said that they also do home service where they measure every inch of your house so that the house has a nicely put rug inside. I think that would be rich, decadent and amusing. It would be a dream for me. Walking on something soft and fluffy in your bedroom. Something tasteful with a very central focus in the living room. The hallway with something that makes the hall brighter. I think a rug when it is tasteful or beautiful is actually a cheap and a nice way to change how your house looks. You can even hang them on walls.

One thing I want to learn though while we're still talking about rugs is how to remove clay, modelling clay to be precise, easily from rugs. I think they are the stickiest of things and I don't know where my kids can play with them. Dried up clay is fine but new ones or ones that are still moist tend to stick to the rug. I've tried broomsticks but I usually get tired. Do you know of a simpler solution?

One thing's for sure. My kids have more fun on the floor. What about your kids?


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