Thursday, July 21, 2011

Victoria Real Estate: An Option to Consider

When I read novels, I like reading picturesque scenes. Scenes filled with vivid imagery. Colors of autumn or things that are vibrant like those times during spring time. Houses, and little nooks and crannies. I imagine that maybe I can do a scene in a Victoria Real Estate.

Someone conducting a tour, a street bustling with activities, a translator, negotiating on a bargain, crowds, noise, and the background of vineyards, or small shops,little cafes with chairs and tables outside under a big umbrella.

I'd expect comfort and luxury in a place like that. The inns would be quaint, or majestic, depending on your income of course. Maybe there would be condominiums. Something modern. Seriously, I can not decide. Would it be better to be rustic or modern? But that's just me, daydreaming aloud.


I love daydreaming and reading, too. Reading is like an escape into another world. :)


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