Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do you have a plan?

Unlike other blogging friends and blogging discoveries, I did not make a big deal out of my birthday this year. 31 isn't as pretty as 30. But with a new year added to my age, I can't help but think about getting insurance. I actually smile everytime I hear the commercial that goes, "What about you? Do you have a plan? Let's talk". I'd love to talk to you but then I'd have to a steady source of income first and foremost. 

It is better to be prepared in life. It is always better to have a plan, and then a plan b, even a plan c and a backup plan to all the other alphabets. My cousin-in-law has a sick dad in the states, I might ask her if she has availed of Aptus Insurance. Her dad is really sick and I wonder if she got him a seniors Burial Insurance as well. They say he's just waiting. 

Are you from the insurance industry? Then is a site to visit for you. IIX is the number one in providing motor vehicle records to insurance professionals and employers. They help in keeping track and making your service more efficient.
So, what about you? Got a plan? I know for sure that I will be getting one for my peace of mind and security of my kids' future.


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