Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's your Niche?

I like writing. I am not the best writer. I am not even someone you could call a good writer. Often times, I wonder about those who have a lot of blogs. How can they author so many? But then some are more gifted than others.

I've learned, now in my 4th year of blogging on and off that it is important to have niches. Niches or your own little place under the sun where your blog is truly defined and specific. How I'd love to do a travel blog and show you the wonders of my own little place here in the city that doesn't look like a city... but... I don't have a camera and I don't travel. I stay at home.

Now, my plans are to have blogs about my kids (my mom/parenting blog) but I don't think you'll learn parenting tips from me, I'm just learning myself and I don't think I'm actually good at being a parent. Although I do think my kids are doing ok.

Another blog would be for the numerous giveaways around the web which is open internationally or to people like me, from the Philippines. That's how this blog started anyway. I won from a domain contest and here I am now...4 years later.

Last but not least, a book, movie and tv blog for myself. But don't expect it to be updated. I don't go to the movies. I can watch tv when my kids are asleep. I can read books in my phone though. That's the only one I can proudly say that I can do...yet I am still not proud enough since I don't read through a Kindle and only some of the books are purchased.

This blog is mine. For me, for all the interests I've mentioned and for all the opportunities that I hope will come  my way. For my life. A chronicle of my blogging life.


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