Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Plans if I ever go to California or New York

I have often wondered about living in the States. I often imagine that if I ever went there then by now I most certainly would be a professional in applying makeup. My cousins ..all of them looks so sophisticated. They know how to dress for a date, for going out with family, it comes so naturally and easy to them. They make it seem effortless.

I would love to stay at home and just watch tv. That to me, is the highlight of my visit to the states, to be able to see the tv series that I wait for so long here in the Philippines. Other things on my list would be to visit a Dollar Store, and Target or Macy's ...plain curiousity. Oh, I almost forgot to visit Radio Shack... and buy a gazillion of rechargeable batteries in all shapes and sizes imaginable and chargers too.

But knowing my Aunt and Uncle, if I ever do visit, they will surely make me visit tourist spots. In California, I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing the Walk of Fame, which my mom has photos of when she visited. An Ocean Park and probably Nevada. In New York, Broadway was where my Aunt took my mom when she visited.
I wonder how my aunt or uncle buys tickets for performances or sports events like United Center tickets, Daniel Tosh tickets , The Masters tickets, Jersey Boys tickets, or even Joel Osteen tickets. Maybe they'll buy online for convenience.

I just remembered that I also want to visit an amusement park, see a county fair and a flea market. Probably help in a soup kitchen as well. Visit a hospital to learn more about how they manage diabetes in the states and inquire about a lapband. I'd also open a bank account there if possible, for paypal. Buy myself a magicjack. Ask about Tivo. Ride a subway train. Eat hotdogs from a hotdog stand. Visit universities...maybe Long Island University. Get a Long Island Icetea at Long Island!!!  See my cousin-in-law's artist studio.

What about you? Been to the U.S.? What did you visit there?


I always wanted to live there. Maybe because of too much reading. (Sweet Valley Kids to Teens) Haha.


I don't think I'll survive there. I could probably blog but that's about it.


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