Saturday, July 23, 2011

Victoria Condos: A Place to Live

I've never been inside victoria condos or any other condo for that matter. I'm just a stay at home mom from the province. I've been to a hotel room though and most people say that some hotel rooms are just like condos. That  a condo is a space where everything is there and I think some hotel rooms are just like that.

I know of a couple who just got married and now lives in a condominium. When I think of condominiums, I think of high rises, or a hotel like those in Hongkong, where when you go out of your hotel, you are part of the mall. Sometimes, I dream of condominiums as each floor belongs to one person, well, the rich ones or the actors who earn a lot do that.

I wonder if I could ever live that way. A condominium as my house. Maybe if the condominium had a pool, a gym, a spa and a salon of its own. Who am I kidding? My life is simple. I've learned to live with my simple life. I can dream though. The condo should have their own daycare center for my kids too, in case I wanted to start working again.

Who among you lives in a condo?


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