Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roofing for the Rainy Season

Is it raining in your part of the universe? Rainy season has started in our little city. It makes me think of metal roofing. I had a hand in picking out everything that went into the new house my mom built. It isn't exactly new now, but it was new 5 years ago. As an only daughter it was her gift to me, I had my choice of tiles, roofing materials, paint and even got to pick out the windows and doors that I would live in all the remaining years of my life.

Did you know that you can get lost in the number of choices that you have to make once you finally decide that you have to build your dream house. I think it is very important to put a great part of your budget in the roofing. The roof will shelter you from the elements and keep away the rain, the sun, and a whole lot more. So, how did you choose the roofs over your head?


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