Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Advising Writers: A Review

This is a blog review for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest
Read my Review. Advising Writers may just be for you

Dear Reader,

The site is a magazine layout style with innumerable tabs. The blog is predominantly white and makes perfect sense since it tries to showcase the articles and works of the writers who signed up with them.

Advising Writers is a content website for online writers and information seekers. Members can publish content and make money through their content by placing ads with their content.
The blog has fresh content and is constantly updated by the members. It has a healthy helpings of poems, I particularly liked a short Goodbye Letter. There are a lot of options to write about, whether your interest or creativity lies in poetry, articles, news articles, videos or shortstories they have it. Even better you can contribute by signing up with them. If you have any or all of the above 'stuff' lying in your blog, closet, journals or other materials. You might even earn more through joining which is a plus for anyone and everyone since we all need extra money on the side.

Certainly, a site that's interesting which has a lot to offer for poets, poetry-inclined, or just interested in reading. Advising Writers is a site that can help you, inspire you, and perhaps help you to earn those precious moolah.


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