Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Year That Was

This is the year when:

  • Both of my kids started attending big school, my former alma mater. Amazingly tiring yet amazingly rewarding since both of them seemed to enjoy it. It was a big trial for all of us, but the kids managed beautifully after a rocky month.
  • We were able to go to a trip outside our city with the whole family. The fabulous thing about is that we got to attend a beautiful wedding and stayed at no less than Manila Hotel.
  • I got to go out and have a little social life.
  • I was going to start a business but was not able to push through.
  • God blessed me by making me pregnant with my 3rd child.
  • I won some contests on the web and also went on hiatus in the blogging world.
  • I discovered DAs and found opportunities to earn money online
  • I got scammed via paypal to gcash exchange
  • I decided that when I have enough money I will do paypal to gcash exchange as a legitimate seller.
  • I took advantage of the free shipping courtesy of multiply!


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