Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LTINS: Dear Santa edition

Letters That I'll Never Send

Dear Santa,

         I've been good this year, yet someone scammed me from my future Christmas gift to hubby. Can i get a job? Anything online? Well, somehow it doesn't really matter what you give me this year. I just hope my kids are gonna be happy. As people say, Christmas is for the kids, and kids at heart. I belong to the latter. So does my hubby. I still haven't found anything nice for my mom and she deserves to have something nice. I only have a couple of nieces and nephews that are on my list but if I can't provide, would you provide them with gifts?

         I hope that next year will be better and that I'll be more prepared. Christmas should come everyday but then you'd be so tired. So never mind. We have no chimney so try the windows instead. I am not sure if my kids will be leaving milk and cookies for you, we only have man made milk. My kids are allergic to cow's milk. Take care Santa. Hope to find lots of stuff under the tree this year for the kids.


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