Thursday, December 8, 2011

I miss small giveaways

I miss winning. Discovering small, obscure and little known giveaways make for a bigger chance in winning. So I miss them. I'm in panic mode as Monday approaches, it is my son's 4th birthday. My kids aren't lucky on their birthdays. I usually have less and less budget for their parties at school. I'm just glad that I was able to buy some gifts for them which is reserved for Christmas.

I found some at Multiply and Multiply is currently having a promo of free shipping for items bought that are worth 400 Ph. Pesos and up! I think that's a great deal! I got them some fun toys. I just wish I had earned a lot more from blogging to be able to buy them better gifts. Perhaps, next year will be better.

I hated the fact that I got scammed. My mistake. Big mistake. I am never going to do paypal to gcash exchange ever. Maybe when I'm rich I'll do that business. I want to do a legitimate online business. Maybe I'll enter the world of money conversion, since I needed to do it, maybe others need to do it too. Lesson learned the hard way. It was money for my son's birthday gift. But Karma is a B****. Good things will come my way. I hope.


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