Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping for Shirts

It's going to be hubby's birthday next month. My usual gifts to him is a shirt. He's an instructor, so as much as possible I want him to not wear the same thing over and over again. He likes a lot of different kinds of shirts. During weekends, yes, he has work on Saturdays, he likes those shirts with round collars or v-necked ones. What he needs to wear though on a typical day is those that have collars, or most likely known as polo shirts.

I had my eyes set on couple or family shirts but then I think it would be best if I got him a custom tshirt, well not only him, but all of us. I think it would be fun, wearing matching shirts when we go out, at least on a special day and have our photos taken.

One thing I haven't bought him in a long time is a sports shirt. Maybe I should get him one of those, I have to ask what his favorite team is. We barely watch tv anymore since the kids hog the tv almost all the time. I could also check out Death by T-shirt and look for new and hip designs. Well, that's the great thing about shirts. The possibilities are endless. Making it more difficult to make a choice. Well, if I had the money to splurge, why not one of each kind. That would be so much fun and hubby would surely love it.


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