Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Return of Letters That I'll Never Send

Yep! It's back!

So for anyone who's new here:

What is Letters That I'll Never Send?

Letters That I'll Never Send is a weekly meme (every Thursday) where I, (Mys) your host picks out a topic for the week and you write a letter that corresponds with the topic or the person addressed to. I usually go crazy and tend to do different topics/themes/persons to address to.

Examples of Letters That I'll Never send entries are here, just click the links of Linky tools.

Themes for August

August 5: Write a letter to a Genie with your 3 wishes.
August 12: Write any letter in Tagalog (Filipino)
August 19: Dear Best Friend
August 26: Dear Dora the Explorer (Happy Birthday Dora)

Plus, we got new buttons.

Choose from these designs. Hope you like them.


There was no link to the 9/16/10 letter, so I thought I would post it here. It kinda fit for me today.


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