Friday, March 27, 2009

Something I did*

Remember the fact that I now spend most of my time staring at handmade items from etsy? I should mention I also do that at multiply. In fact, I now have a lot of favorite sellers from these online shops. I add them as favorites but I have not yet bought from them. I just love dreaming.

I'd like to share a 'craft' (handmade) thingie that I made.

It's a photo of a single necklace that I made.
The materials were:
A snap-on keychain, left over from my giveaways on my daughter's 2nd birthday.
A chain which I bought from an online seller at multiply, a long long time ago.
Voila! I have a photo pendant which holds a different picture in front and a different picture at the back.
What do you think?
Next thing I'll be making is my Twilight Mom photo pendant...
I'm currently working on my blog tweaking and attempt at a makeover for Passions of Mys because I really want to start selling online again. Or probably just to earn. I just hope I can manage 3 blogsites properly.
Oh, by the way, I joined      Lainy’s Musings
You can check out my entry, here.I'm looking for opinions or reactions since I feel as if it's a little off-tangent compared to the other entries which chronicles how they really started blogging.
Oh well, even if I don't win, at least I gave it my best shot.
I think that was one of the most difficult things I tried to do.

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