Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still not back...but will try to post...

In one of my facebook shout outs... I proclaim my complaint... it is truly summer and vacation time... my internet speed which is already slow has definitely become smaller. To which everyone is time for an upgrade.
Seriously, I may plan on going broadband prepaid soon...question is how fast can it go? or if not, cable internet? I am so tempted by Sky Cable but it hasn't entered our city yet. Only neighboring ones because there is a monopoly here in our little city.

I've gotten tasks which I am praying I can be able to write or at least write sensibly as it is a shame to write and put out something mediocre which most of my posts really are.... who am I kidding???

I have a busy schedule ahead of me and 2 most awaited events will be a wedding of my 1st cousin where my daughter is one of the flower girls. The other one is my godson's 1st birthday and christening which I'd love to attend yet dread simply because most, if not all of the other godparents are lawyers and judges and I am but a mere mortal who is a stay at home mom.So scared.. plus I don't have a dress or a suit??? My gosh! What in the world will I wear? A sack?

2 occasions happened that my family and I love and enjoyed...going to the beach and my niece's graduation. This niece is the one I always called as my eldest daughter... well to show you how much fun here are 2 photos.


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