Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's Talk Siblings...

I don't have one. Well, wait, let me correct that I have one. I have one with my dad, a half-brother. I have 10 more from my husband, which are called brothers-in law and sisters-in-law. I have one that's very special to me too. He isn't a biological brother. In fact, he is in no way related to me, except all my life, I thought of him as my brother.
I met him when he was 16. He was a senior student at a local highschool and was the best student of my Mom. When he was 16, I was about 7. I idolized him. He was thin then. I finished elementary, he was there and he stood watch. I reached highschool and he was so supportive, even happy that I got in at Philippine Science High School. I graduated in Highschool at Ednas as First Honorable Mention and he was there to applaud for me. He was also there when I finished college, at what University....... I shall not mention anymore. Suffice to say, that at every important aspect of my life he was there. At my marriage, he was the Best Man. When I gave birth to my daughter, he was there. At my daughter's christening and 1st birthday, he was not absent. The same goes when my son was born.
He is working in a foreign company here. America is in recession and I am ever fearful for his job security. With this in mind, I go into research and discover that executives like him, have a chance to get employment elsewhere in case of job termination which does wonders for my peace of mind. He was a safety engineer and now he's an executive project manager. There's still such a thing as Executive Recruitment. It's where executives are being hired or outsourced. I'm perfectly sure that my brother, knock on wood, if in any case he gets sacked, then at least he still has a bright future ahead of him because there is such a thing as executive recruitment around. If  you're an executive looking for other possible employment opportunites, then I guess executive recruitment might just be for you.

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