Saturday, April 4, 2009

What's your story?

I joined Lainy's Online Anniversary Blog Writing Contest. I had so much fun doing it. Everyone has a story to tell. It's your choice on how you present your story to the world. One of the more effective ways of telling a story besides writing it, is putting it into moving pictures... well, in other words, movies or film clips. Most internet marketers will tell you that they get their point across faster when they upload videos and talk to you about their selling points.
Advertising is also one of the best ways to get your products sold or marketed. In connection with this, I found this interesting site that specializes in multimedia video editing. What's amazing about it, is that they can help you conceptualize and produce tv commercials,  a corporate video (maybe USANA made use of them), live sporting events and videos for entertainments. I'm thinking of getting someone making an avp for my 10th wedding anniversary. I've always wanted to learn making avps myself. But then, that's me being a cheapskate. If you've got money to burn, and serious about getting your products out there and making your story told by one of the finest storytellers I've seen, then try

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attractive talaga ang video, dapat lang talaga kumpleto ang resources mo.


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