Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Paul!

Doing this  a bit intoxitcated )(very debatable) due to all the symbols symbols showing up and the space which is not provided for.... but then, hey.... this is an experiment to my prowess in typing even if I'm intoxicated as the legal term implies. Smell my breath...better yet...stay away.

Happy birthday to my favorite son....

When he gets older he will discover he is my only son...what do i tell him then?

Finally, 3 years old... oh wait, I have to go to sleep because we have to celebrate again tomorrow with your clssmates.

Seriously..... I love you Paul, you're so sweet and you look like your dad. i love you. don't ever ever forget that.... i may be mommy monster.... but that's because i love you too much. mwah.


Happy birthday Paul! Am I too late? sorry. I am busy taking care of my one year old boy. I can't wait for him to turn three! he'll be naughtier by that time I guess. :) Great to meet you at facebook Pinay Mommy Bloggers! visit me back at pinaymama(dot)com.


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