Thursday, December 9, 2010

What to do with your Paypal Money?

Yay! I'm back! Sorry...lousy internet connection

So you have some paypal money, what do you do with it?

  • Most bloggers I know, get Union Bank EON Cards - then they can withdraw their paypal earnings that way.
  • Other bloggers use other banks.
  • A few use Smartmoney. 
Above examples are for Philippine bloggers. I guess the same thing with others, just find your bank or account that is linked to your paypal.

As a blogger:

  • Invest it in Adgitize, you may or may not get  your earnings back in a month but the views for your blog is priceless. I am certain about that.
  • Spend it on a unique template, premade, or custom made. Branding yourself and being unique will make you and your blog stand out and not be forgotten. I highly recommend Grace, Kaye and Lena.

As a mom:
  •    Spend it on your kids ( that's what I do) - my meager paypal earnings is saved and spent for Christmas gifts for my kids. 
Where do you use your paypal money when you plan to use it for shopping?

My trusted stores are : 
  • Ebay (philippines) or if you have relatives abroad...maybe you can send them your paypal. 
  • Etsy  when I'm feeling artsy
  • Multiply (stores that accept paypal like comeandplay)

Oh, and I got my hubby some shiny... (Backyard monsters coins worth $3. I'm such a cheapskate) or for myself... my favorite scrapkits that go on sale.

What about you? What do you do with your paypal money?


It still remain idle in Paypal since the time I joined the online money making (I believe it's been more than5 years) though some of it I used to purchase in PTC then lately in Adgitize. No plan yet of withdrawing it for now since it's an extra money I have there.

BTW, I just have a question. What is the good bank in the Philippines for Paypal to withdraw? In terms of ease in withdrawing it, transaction fee and anything about its pros and cons. It would help me a lot.

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