Monday, January 31, 2011

Excited about Graduation!!!

No, I am not graduating...nor are my kids. It's just for the second time, we are planning a trip to Baguio and this time, it's about a graduation and my kids will be able to meet their relatives from hubby's side. Currently, I am looking for a place to stay for the 30 or more relatives of hubby who wants to watch the graduation ceremony of my sister-in-law. This is not an easy task but then I stumble upon a site that is easy to navigate and found at least something that can probably help my sister-in-law with their search.

Ayosdito.Ph is a place where both buyers and sellers can converge. I love that there are specified categories, if you are wanting to sell something, if you need to buy something, or if you're searching for something. All I had to was click on Looking for... use the scroll down button for options on what I was looking for and I found it so easily that I am simply amazed and was gaping at the screen. This is such a great help in this time of need as all places in Baguio will be mostly fully booked for the Panagbenga and the PMA graduation. Seriously, all I had to look for and click was that I was looking for an apartment for rent and voila! a lot of options on my screen.

Nothing beats the ease of use of the site, simple navigation, and makes searching easy for a newbie like me. I love the big warning signs that you shouldn't pay in advance to a seller you don't know. It helps in giving a feeling of the site owner's responsibility and that any buyer should be aware of the risks involved.

Here's a glimpse of what I found, which has the information I am going to share to my sisters-in-law.

I'll keep you posted on what happens and will be looking forward to writing about my experience with the renters. I'm really just so excited.


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