Wednesday, November 2, 2011

State of the Blog Again

It's easy to just slip away and disappear. Seriously, I am again reconsidering where I want this blog to go. I enjoyed the traffic of joining a blog caravan or a giveaway caravan but then of course, I have to be on the earning side to continue that.

With no blog entries, there's no work. No work, no moolah. Plus, I am rethinking about my blog topics. I could completely stop. Wait for my contracts to advertisers to end and start anew. Will starting anew be too much of a hassle? I wonder, out loud.

I could write about the little city where I am, which doesn't look like a city at all. But there's not much to talk about and being a stay at home mom, my world is only broadened by what I am able to read on the internet and the few places I get to go to.

My life is not interesting, or as interesting as others. I can't pretend it to be otherwise. My interests are wide and scattered. Nothing really defined. Just look at the mess of this blog post. Plus, I feel more and more like napping. Blame it on the first trimester.

To blog and what to blog about...that is the question.


haiz :( don't be too sad my dear!! you are not the only one in this world!! I might as well experiencing the same dilemma as yours...

>> so what else can I say, CHEERS!!! hehe (cheer up lang)


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