Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy Moments: Name Game

mommy moments
This is P.M.
my only daughter
we call her Maegan
Maegan was named after my mom.
Hubby and I had a deal on how we were going to name our kids.
If the child was going to be a girl, initials would be PM, his name first, then mine, but the nickname is the M.
If the child was going to be a boy, initials would be MP, mine first, nickname is his initials.
Here's MP
my only son

his nickname is Paul.
He is an unexpected surprise.
My children have two names each.
Maegan's name means :  Noble Pearl
Paul's name means: Little Warrior

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I love the PM and MP initials, lov4e the meaning of their names too


You have beautiful children I love he meanings of their names. I have a giveaway for a bracelet on my helping mommys blog , it is open world wide so i thought of you :)


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