Friday, August 28, 2009

What do you love finding in Blogs?

I have a certain attachment to blogs that have the human calendar. I find it quirky, amusing and much more personal. Though I'm not really sure what use it really gives the reader.
Then I see some of these things on blogs and I find them really cute, amusing and artistic. I admire artists and crafters a lot.
These are known as your moods.Punkymoods to be exact
My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)
Then I'm a little fond of tickers too. 
Those that have personal details like

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Then there are those quotes that are so unique and amazing.

With a lot of topics to choose from, that ranges from Age, Life, Love and Marriage.

Plus always, I love a blog that has great templates.
I envy designers who can create their own unique brand of templates.
Do you like great blog designs?
I think a lot of bloggers earn from designing their templates and selling them.
I keep on wishing that I could do the same but my creative juices aren't really that much. I love to try but the effort doesn't love me.

Some great designers that I like that provide Free and Custom Made Templates
(meaning free or with a tag in random order)
Smitten Blog Designs
Simply Fabulous Templates
Gisele Jacquenod
Some designers just provide backgrounds.
Easy to install and much simpler.
Leelou Blogs
Shabby Blogs
Cutest Blog on the Block
Deb's Blog Backgrounds ---> she uses gorjuss tubes and they're so cute!

Or if you love to look for templates online and edit them to make them yours.
I highly recommend browsing through templates from these sites:
Deluxe Templates

What do you love finding in blogs besides useful and informative content?
Fun facts?


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