Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introducing: The Letters that I'll Never Send Meme

I'd like to pitch this idea to you, who are like me, meme lovers and writers.

I had this concept before of making an entire blog just full of letters to people - with just because, someone depressed, to share a story to a friend, to rant, to a former friend, an ex-lover... something like that. It was meant to be open letters and written anonymously but I never got to doing it. I did one entry once - a long time ago. It was fun. I got to write things I'd never had the guts to say to that person face to face.. and I'm pretty sure that that person never got to read it but it was therapeutic for me, if I could use that term so boldly.

Here's the concept: Starting Thursday, August 20, after posting about my Thursday Thunks I am going to make this new meme.

The Letters that I'll Never Send Meme 
  •  Each week you'll be given a subject/ a person/ a topic/ or an event to write about. The letter can be short, simple, lengthy, funny, in short, anything you want - just the way you'd like to write it. 
  • No hate letters, you can rant, but watch your language! 
  • Rules are simple, after posting your entry, leave a comment here with the link to your post - I'll be providing a mcklinky. 
  • Your job after making your post is to check out others who joined the meme/blog carnival/blog hop.  Hopefully you can comment on their entries as well. 
  • Here's the meme button:

Come and join! I hope I can make it fun!
What do you think?
Should I do it?


August 20: To the Man of my Life
August 27: Dear Future Self
September 3: To my Eldest Child (present/future)
September 10: A Letter to my Favorite Author

You can also leave your suggested topics at this post.
Thanks for reading!
Hope you join.

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Wonderful!This is a great idea. I think a lot of people will join this because this will give them a chance to express the feelings they've been holding back maybe for years. Exciting! This will bring tears and a smile on the heart of each and every person who will join and will read the posts!

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hi mys! sorry i missed this meme of yours this week! let me save the button so that i can join next week. na busy kasi ako thursday. kaya wala rin ako thursday posts! thanks for the invite!


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