Friday, October 1, 2010

Contest Updates and Thank You!

 First of all, Thank you to all the Sponsors I've emailed, badgered and those who relented and have sent their pledges to me. Super Thank You very much.

The List of Sponsors who have sent their pledges are:
My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf
Lover Mushroom
I am a Princess...all girls are
Plate and Me
Mom Workaholic
Yam's Files
Pen, Paper, Pan
Pop Ups of My Mind
The Miscellaneous Me
Heart's Content of a Mama
Love, Home, Grow
Woman's Elan Vital
Petty and Awesome Things in a Teacher's Life

If you want to sponsor, please do so, you have until October 5 to send it.
Somehow, I am starting to be afraid of accepting entrecard credits... I don't want the winners to chase this just might be a cash only and adspace prize contest.
What do you think?

WAIT! There's more...Since I couldn't wait... Here's a Giveaway Just for You... and this is practically a forever kind of Giveaway!

Got Kids? Nieces? Nephews? Adored Student? Relatives that belong to the age group 1-8, even strangers perhaps? Got internet?

If you answer Yes, to basically knowing kids and having internet then this giveaway is just for you.

Do you love to Read? Do you want your kids to Read? If you care for any child and you want them to enjoy reading, I personally recommend this offer. No catch. All you have to do is register and take advantage of the coupon code I give you to get 2 (TWO) storybooks for you. You'd be amazed at the simplicity and beauty of the concept. They highlight the words, each character's voice is different and distinct, and the narrator's voice is also different.

Here's a screenshot:

You can stop the animation, highlight a certain word, flip the pages manually and a whole lot more.

Do I have your attention now?

Need I say more?

Oh yes, here's your coupon code so you can get 2 storybook credits. They have a lot to choose from so choose wisely. They are also looking for affiliates if you're interested, leave a message, I can refer you to the very accommodating boss.


What are you waiting for?
Click on that button, register, and redeem 2 storybooks! That simple!
They have 3 books that are free for browsing. Plus, you can preview the other books as well. Really amazing. 
The added bonus??? They offer personalized multimedia storybooks. As in a photo of your kid going on an adventure, now that one is in my sights when I start earning big.

There's More.

From Sir Andrew:

For those of you that want to earn an additional 10 stories (on top of the 2

stories) all you have to do is refer 5 of your friends or relatives that

have kids ages 1-8 that would also enjoy 2 free books.  This is all they
need to do:
1)      'like' my FB fan page here
2)      make a FB post on their wall encouraging their friends to check out
Story Time For Me and to take advantage of the 2 free stories.
3)      They need to refer  5 of their friends to sign up for the 2 free
stories.  It's not enough to just give me the names, the friends actually
have to sign up (but there is no cost for them)
4)      They need to send me a private message on my facebook here telling which the full
name and email of the friends that signed up.  They also need to give me
their own full name with their email

Once I confirm that the 5 friends did indeed register at Story Time For Me I
will email them a unique access code which they can then redeem 10 stories
which is a $24 value.

So, go ahead. Do it right now.


I am willing to pledge for sponsorship. Just email me burn078(at)gmail(dot)com


oh i would love to join this contest. and mys, i am sorry, i forgot to send you the money for the contest :(


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