Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

      Why do I only have a few participants? Are you finding writing about my blog difficult? I have a suggestion, to get at least 1 entry, you can always choose to write about the 10 LETTERS That I'll Never Send themes. That, by far is the easiest to do. Just give me 10 themes or topics that everyone can write about. That simple. Feel free to click on the other entries to have an idea, but please do not copy their work. They thought hard of what they're going to write.
       Lucky for you guys, the contest is running a little longer. How's your day so far? Try the Story Time for Me giveaway, it's an interactive ebook where you and your child ages 1-8 can appreciate. All it takes is a few minutes to register, you can browse the available free books and I am giving out the coupon code where you can get 2 more storybook credits, you can also get 5 more if you follow the instructions found at my post. Look for it at the sidebar.

        Plus, there's the domain giveaway. My pay it forward for my joy when I received this domain from Calvin's Hub.   He also has a mini-giveaway involving Lenovo, if you join his mini-contest now, you might win a laptop on December so check out his site.

       There are more contests/giveaways like Funky feet contest and Barney Live at Make or Break. I think there's also that contest by at Happy Thoughts Happy Tot. There's also Burn's Birthday Bash, Mouth's Delight and a whole lot more so come on guys, want to win a lot of stuff? Look for the contests and good luck!

       Thank you to all my sponsors. Without you, the contest would not have been possible. Thank you also to those who would have wanted to sponsor. I apologize since I got dizzy putting up mechanics and other things I have forgotten to ask. No worries, it's the thought that counts. Perhaps, if these giveaways are successful I can start an earlier campaign for next year. Again, thank you.


I blogged about this today. Thank you, I let alot of emotions out.


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